Why We Sometimes Feel Like Storm Chasers


I often wonder what it would be like to be a tornado or storm chaser. Feeling the wind pick up all around you, the car begin to shake, and knowing you are driving into a complete unknown, where anything can happen. It would be thrilling, yet terrifying. The tornado would be breathtaking, yet destructive. The adrenaline rush would be unparalleled. Feeling completely out of control, yet somehow trusting that you will be just fine does not often happen simultaneously.

-We often blindly trust that we will be alright. We often pursue things we know will ultimately end or are treacherous, yet we continue onward with the hope and trust that we will make it out stronger. Sometimes we are right, and we do. Other times, we fail, and the trust is temporarily lost.

-We believe that discovery is critical to survival. If we do not know anything about tornadoes, we would never be able to alert cities of their arrival. The more we know, the more we can help. This is the same in our relationships and careers. Once we learn more we learn and uncover about people and our jobs, we can better ourselves and others. It’s essential to continue growing and discovery is how we can propel ourselves forward.

-We cannot always see the blue sky ahead. Sometimes, the sky turns dark and green and we don’t know when it will get back to normal. The darkness seems overpowering, yet we know the storm will pass and the light will shine again.

-We know that growth and kindness can come from destruction. Tornadoes often leave seemingly insurmountable paths of destruction. Yet, communities come together and grow from the disasters and rubble. Happiness and healing can eventually come from crippling pain.

-We can see the opportunities that lie ahead. Storm chasers know that storms bring them scientific findings and newfound evidence for theories.  Science contains hypotheses and conclusions, much like our lives. When I start my next new job, I can only guess what it will be like, but I am sure it will surprise me and teach me more about myself. That is the beauty of new opportunities.

-We find the chase thrilling. People tell us to chase our dreams, chase important life accomplishments, and chase people for a relationship. Often, the chase is worth it. And, if that chase gives you a rush of adrenaline, it’s definitely worth pursuing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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