25 Things To Do Instead Of Worrying

We all tend to worry about things we can’t control—could be school, work, a friend, a relationship. We all have those days where we get stressed and pessimistic and so whatever it is today that’s bogging you down, here’s a list of things to do that are way better than worrying! Next time you find yourself getting worked up, pick one of these activities to focus on instead.

1. Call and catch up with your parents. There is no better feeling when you are down or need a distraction than hearing your mom or dad’s voice on the other line reassuring you.

2. Watch your favorite movie. Or watch the movie you’ve been meaning to see but have been putting off for no apparent reason. Get really spirited and make some popcorn too.

3. Go for a run or a walk. Put your ear buds in and jam out to energetic music that’ll pump you up.

4. Explore a local coffee shop. Make up some crazy flavored latte based on your favorite candy bar or treat. Talk to the baristas, ask them about their lives. Asking questions about other people tends to distract you from whatever is bothering you and it’s also a great way to make new friends.

5. Round up a friend or five and try out a new restaurant you’ve heard is good. Order whatever you want on the menu regardless of how bad it is for you. Savor the good food and the good company.

6. Have a game night. Round up your favorite game from when you were a kid and have some friends do the same. Make some appetizers for everyone to enjoy and have a few good beers.

7. Go play with puppies. Or kittens. Nothing can put a smile on my face like a kiss from an adorable little dog.

8. Read a good book. In fact, go to the nearest library branch and spend hours wandering about, collecting stacks of interesting books.

9. Watch multiple hours of a television series on Netflix. Never fails.

10. Have a dance party. Either with yourself, your roommate, or whoever wants to join. Crank up all sorts of songs and just let loose (I suggest some Katy Perry, Beyonce, maybe even a little Miley.)

11. Craft. Make homemade cards for people you care about and give them out. This will brighten not only your day but theirs as well.

12. Volunteer! Like the cards, this is another activity that not only lifts you up out of a rut but helps out others as well.

13. Try out a new recipe. Make yourself a grand meal complete with dessert. Put your Pinterest board to some use.

14. Go for a drive somewhere new. Take in all the houses and trees and people. Blast some music and sing along. If it’s warm out, roll down the windows.

15. Write. Either in a journal, on your computer, on a blog, to your grandma. Just jot down whatever is in your mind.

16. Clean your home. Nothing feels better than a spotless place and let’s be real, your shower could really use some scrubbing…

17. Do some yoga. Either find a studio near you and drop in for a class or find a yoga video online. Both your body and mind will thank you afterwards.

18. Clean out your closet. After all, you don’t really NEED that shirt you have from junior high. Just because you can still squeeze into it doesn’t mean it’s cute.

19. Learn a new skill. Try learning a new language or knitting. Just try something!

20. Build a fort. Don’t pretend you didn’t love piling blankets over some chairs and spending the day in a blanket fort when you were a kid. Good news is, it’s still fun when you’re older. Build a fort and then take a nice long nap in it!

21. Take a hot shower or a bubble bath. Put on some good and relaxing music. Enjoy the warm water on your skin and think of it as washing the worries away!

22. Look through old pictures and laugh about the ugly outfits you wore, the bad haircut you once had, and all the wonderful memories you have. Think of how many more memories you are going to make with good friends.

23. Go see a local band perform. You might discover some good new music and meet some cool new friends!

24. Curl up in your favorite pajamas with a good glass of wine. Reflect on everything you have to be thankful for.

25. Make your own list of things to do when you’re stressed and worried! No good comes from worrying about things you can’t control. Positive thoughts and energy breed positive experiences. Try not to focus on what’s bothering you and instead focus on making yourself happy and healthy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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