9 Things You Do When You’re The ‘Mom’ Of Your College Friends


1. You’re the one who calls/texts/insists on updates on big things in your friend’s lives. Job interviews, auditions, you name it, your friend will definitely see a text from you if not a voicemail and a Facebook post as well. You aren’t doing it to be overbearing, you’re doing it because you care.

2. You probably bake or cook for your friend’s birthdays, holidays, etc. It might not be an all-the-time thing, because let’s face it you’re busy, but you’re sometimes the closest they get to a home-cooked meal for a long time.

3. You remind everyone of important dates. Oh, our final paper is due in two weeks? You’re talking about it with your friends and offering to read theirs or swap papers for peer editing so you know they’re actually working on it rather than putting it off.

4. You are the one they call when they have no clue what to do for this assignment. Because they know that not only will you be done with it, but also will probably be willing to talk them through/help them complete it even if it’s 11:30 and you were about to go to bed.

5. If you know your friends are traveling long distances, especially if they’re driving on their own, you’re checking on them and reminding them to stop for coffee if they get tired, and offering to be the person they call to keep them awake if they need it.

6. When something bad happens, you’re the one they talk to. They know if they ask you to keep something to yourself they can count on you to do so, and you’re also there to offer honest advice whatever it may be. If your best friend’s boyfriend treats them like crap and they agree to one more chance, it’s not entirely likely that you’re going to tell her to give it a go, even though you both know it’s not going to work out and she’s wasting her time with this ass-hole. You’re going to be the one who says (hopefully in a more gentle way) “Girl, dump his ass! Right now!” and your friend will know you’re not being reactionary but looking out for her best interests.

7. You’re also the one they can trust for brutal honesty, and I’m not talking about “yes, that dress does make you look fat.” We’re talking “I love you, but you’re treating your boyfriend like shit. If you don’t want to be with him anymore then that’s fine, but you have got to cut him loose, because this is just mean-hearted.”

8. People around you know that if they’ve forgotten what assignment is due the next day they can text you and you’ll send a picture of your checklist so they know what’s due, as well as what’s coming up.

9. Your friends have some sort of mom-related nickname, or they just call you mom, and you know that when they use said nickname they’re acknowledging that your caring personality plays a vital role in all of your lives — because college is hard and sometimes you really do just need your mom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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