8 Things Not To Say To Someone With A Medical Food Restriction


I was diagnosed at 15 with stomach ulcers, and not the kind caused by bacteria that can be cured with antibiotics. About 6 months ago another scope clarified that all my ulcers were gone so I started eating things like tomatoes again. Since then the ulcers have started acting up again and we’ve basically deduced that for all intents and purposes I am allergic to something in these acidic foods. These are just a sampling of some of the not-so-sensitive comments made to me over the years about my food restrictions.

1. “Are you really allergic or do you just not like it?”

No, I just purposely make everyone’s life harder by telling them I absolutely cannot have this food, and then go secretly eat it.

2. “Oh, you’ll find something to eat.”

When you have a food allergy, you tend to be a bit more concerned with where you’re eating, because no, with a tomato allergy, I won’t find something to eat at Papa Johns. Sorry.

3. “Well just take some medicine and then you can eat it!”

Oh yeah, I’m sure my stomach will really enjoy the acids it has been proven to not be able to tolerate even with medicine. You’re driving me to the hospital later, right? Cool!

4. “You know, it’s really an inconvenience that you’re being so difficult about this. It’s just a food allergy.”

“You know, it’s really an inconvenience that you’re such an asshole.”

5. “Well if you can’t eat that, then why are you eating that?”

Oh, I’m sorry I forgot you’re suddenly an expert on my particular situation. I forgot you’re completely aware of every facet of my allergy/stomach condition.”

6. “Oh, I had that once! You’ll grow out of it.”

Yes, some people “grow out” of allergies. However, at 20 years old, I highly doubt that this is going away. Also, an upset stomach is not the same as an allergic reaction. Sorry.

7. Oh, just take an antacid, you’ll be fine.”

If I am saying something, that means there’s something wrong. Believe me, between the two of us I am the one who wants to avoid dealing my condition the most.

8. “We didn’t invite you to dinner because we didn’t think you’d be able to eat anything.”

“Gee, I’m really glad I have great friends like you who ask me to go somewhere and adjust if needed so I can join. Oh wait.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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