If You’re Really Wondering Why You’re Unhappy, Read This


“Be strong and courageous. Do not let them terrify you. For the Lord your God goes with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you.” — Deuteronomy 31:6

1. You don’t meet society’s standards.

Shame on you for being human, honestly. You need to understand society’s standards are man-made, unrealistic, and simply ridiculous. Us women want to be that ideal girl which all men are attracted to. That thick but not fat, flawless-faced, curvy “goddess” drooled over by everyone. Men are sanctioned in society for not being as muscular as the average woman’s “ideal man”.

Guys must be masculine and girls must be feminine according to society. You also must be hot, successful, smart, and usually wealthy. News flash: most of us aren’t, once again, according to society. You are you and you have to truly understand that in order to be happy. Say it: “I am me.” You don’t have to be anything. You’re not forced to be perfect. You can be awkward, happy, and eat a lot of food. You can be loud, or shy, or you can just be an open book. Be proud of who you are because you are here for greater reasons than to adjust yourself to please people. Please for love’s sake, stop comparing yourself to everyone else. We are all our own people. We all struggle, we all have gifts, we are all human. Stop being so hard on yourself.

2. You let other people influence you.

I can never stress this idea enough, so please just understand this concept. You cannot change people. You cannot stop people from doing what they do nor can you stop people from being who they are. So why let them do that to you? You cannot stop people from hurting you. But you can stop allowing them to hurt you- there’s a difference. You have the power to determine what will and will not influence you. Someone can call you ugly, or claim you’re bad at something, and you can go on with your day untouched. The choice is up to you. You must decide what’s more important, your thoughts or theirs.

3. You don’t let yourself be happy.

You need to stop allowing you to hurt yourself. You have so much power, ability, strength, bravery, hope, and so much more that you do not see. You are blessed because life can be so much worse. You will be alright and you have to truly believe that. Have faith in yourself. Think thoughts that will build you up. You are not alone. It is not you against the world. If you cannot find light in your life, be that light. Make it happen. Break the cycle. Have faith in yourself because whether you believe it or not, you are capable of so much more than you believe.

Your past, your flaws, your mistakes do not define you. Just love yourself like you love other people because you deserve it. Don’t rely on others to comfort you because people aren’t always going to be there. People come and go. But you always have you. Life is a gift. Life is a blessing. Life is a test. Life is an opportunity. We all know this world isn’t always good. We are all in this fight together. In order to make the world a better place, you first must make yourself a better person. Because you are a good person- scratch that. You are an amazing person.

Love yourself, care for yourself, comfort yourself. When people do not show you love and light, give them love and light. If people do not have faith, help them regain it. Whether it be by a smile, greeting, or even by a friendly voice. The world is only unsafe when we don’t save each other. Be the faith in humanity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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