Maybe It’s Possible To Be Independent And Still Want Each Other

Brooke Cagle

The two ways I imagine myself with you.

Scenario 1:

I’m new to a country and city that has quickly taken my heart. I’m a “traveler” who’s set up a life for herself here. Friends, place to live, job, new experiences, etc…. oh and you. I found you. You are lovely. So lovely. I think of you when I see something that reminds me of you – usually a “vegan” vegetable or an exotic fruit we haven’t tried. I think of you when we’re make plans. Im thinking of you when you’re with me.

Our lives are separate. You don’t hang out with my friends, I don’t hang out with yours… Maybe we meet a couple of people together who we both hang out with every so often.

I’m in my process of individuation and I am fully aware of why it is I need to take this journey. I am aware of how far I am from the person I want to be and that settling with someone will impede my personal growth.

I have the discipline it takes to become my own person, separate from the reality which is that I have and am developing feelings for you. Which is okay and healthy. I am so wrapped up in my life though that the most I want is to see if our paths take us in the same direction. Maybe to the same destination somewhere way, way down the line.

Scenario 2:

All of the above. Except I’m allowed to dream about the possibilities of what we could be without that triggering your fear of commitment.

Some morning one day, I’d cradle my arms around you first thing when we wake up, give you a kiss, and have the luxury of fearlessly telling you I love you. I promise to keep your content within the confines of our relationship. So that anything that comes up over the course of your life is yours to call your own.

I want to be one of two people coupled to make each others lives better. Who help each other through EACH of their personal hardships, as they are derived from external factors outward of the relationship. Hardships undergone are one’s personal hardships experienced INDIVIDUALLY.

I am empathetic to your problems because I care so deeply about you. But your problems are not my problems, nor vice versa.

I’m here to be by your side through your journey. You by mine during my journey.

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