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The Best Revenge Is No Revenge At All

When my ex-boyfriend crosses my mind, which is infrequently now, I can wish him love with his new girlfriend. I hope he has found a relationship that lasts forever and nourishes his and her spirits. I am no longer looking to compare myself to her or any woman.

What Pain Can Teach Us If We Listen

People react to trauma in varying ways. My grief burned the epidermis of my being, and it made me extra sensitive to things. I cry at music and art. I even cry sometimes when I visit the ocean. Beautiful things overwhelm me. I am strong, but I can falter.

Abuse Never Starts As Abuse

The most shameful part of this relationship, for me, is how I begun to crave him and the tumult he brought into my life. I was broken down to the point that I took blame for everything.

Why Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word

We’ve been taught that good manners can save us, but all they do is keep us directly under the thumb of men who spit out the word feminist like it’s a curse word instead of a call for unity.