Hold On To That Little Bit Of Hope, Dear

There have been too many times when you felt like all hope was lost. Maybe you have a hard time believing in the power of faith because you’ve been let down by fate too many times to believe that there is goodness in her power. Maybe you find yourself overthinking about all the wrong things.

I get it — sometimes it’s hard to believe in the power of hoping for something or having faith in someone.

It took a long time for things to make sense to me, that what you desire will make its presence known when you believe in it and when you believe you are deserving of it.

It was in the little moments of life that I found hope: waking up to a bright, warm day; drinking a glass of cold water and feeling it trickle down your throat; being kissed by someone you love; the softness of the clouds moving across the sky; the feeling you get when you see two people in love intertwine their fingers and rub their thumbs across each others’ skin; how, when someone cries tears of joy, you find yourself doing the same.

These little moments reminded me that something good is always unfolding. There is always the need for a balance of both good and bad, good and simple, and good and extraordinary.

Even if there aren’t big, beautiful things happening to you right now, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t little things making up for it and that doesn’t mean something big isn’t on its way. Those big, beautiful things you want most in your life are going to come to you unexpectedly, and until then, appreciate the little moments that make you believe in the power of hope.

Even if you don’t notice the magic happening doesn’t mean it’s not working. Things will happen in its own divine timing and people will come into your life when they are meant to. Have hope that the world works in mysterious ways and that what you want the most is on its way.

While you’re watching the clouds float or letting yourself be kissed by the person you love the most, remember that these little moments are just a part of the big thing.

Remember that just because it’s not in the palm of your hands doesn’t mean it’s not at your fingertips.

Brooklyn-based poet, writer, avid coffee drinker, and music lover.

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