I Tried The Summer Fridays Face Masks And Here’s The Tea:

I had never really been particular about the face masks I used until I started understanding my skin. When I’m doing my self-care routine, I always put on a face mask–it’s usually whatever I have in my medicine cabinet. But when I really started to do some research on my skin type and the issues I have (dry skin especially during winter, hormonal acne, and breakouts when I eat too much sugar) I wanted to find something that wasn’t just a fun thing to add to my self-care routine but would actually help my skin.

I had seen Summer Fridays’ masks all over Instagram, but I didn’t know if the products actually worked or if they were just being hyped up by influencers. I wanted to try it for myself, so naturally, I got the two most popular products: the Jetlag Mask and the Overtime Mask

Jet Lag Mask:

Ingredients: chestnut extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3

What it does: exfoliates, brightens skin tone (with the antioxidants from Vitamin C), and reduces pores and fine lines (from the Vitamin B3)

Honestly, I tried the Jet Lag mask once and didn’t love it. My face felt dry and tight and it didn’t give me a good, refreshing feeling.

I wanted to know what other people thought, if they had similar reactions, or if they loved it. One person said it wasn’t their favorite face mask. “I don’t find that it’s much more hydrating for my skin, but I’ll use it if I’m out of everything else,” she said. Another person said they were disappointed and that they didn’t really see a difference before and after use. “It didn’t really help my skin at all.”

However, other people I talked to loved it. Some women said their skin was mostly dry and they found that the Jet Lag mask helped. “I love the feeling! It’s like, cooling and tingly. I do the Overtime mask first and then the Jet Lag mask as a moisturizer afterward.”

According to the website and some reviews, it’s ideal to use the Overtime Mask as the exfoliator and then apply the Jetlag Mask after. I didn’t know that. I wanted to try the Overtime mask first because it smelled the best. 

Overtime Mask:

Ingredients: pumpkin (Vitamin E, K, C), apricot seed powder, oat kernel protein, Vitamin E

What it does: exfoliates and moisturizes. also has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties

Like I said before, I’ve never really been particular about my face masks. But after trying the Overtime mask, I don’t think I’ll use anything else ever again.

Not only does it smell like pumpkin and oatmeal and evidently makes my face smell so good, but it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized and like I actually got a full night’s sleep. Some people I talked to agreed with me –  the Overtime mask made their face feel moisturized and rejuvenated.

Now, I’m not saying these products will work for everyone. Clearly, there are mixed feelings about both of the face masks and if they work or not. Don’t give in to the hype of products you see on Instagram just because lots of people are talking about it! It’s important to talk to your dermatologist to see if certain products and their ingredients are right for you and your skin type.

But let me tell ya, the Overtime Mask? *chefs kiss*

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