I Loved A Cancer Man And This Is What I Learned

I Loved A Cancer Man And This Is What I Learned

When I found myself loving a guy who matched my capacity for love, I knew I had to walk away. 

To him, loving someone meant really loving them deeply, and to him, that didn’t mean me.

So, I left.

He was a Cancer man: moody, sensitive, emotional af, the whole nine yards. With my moon in Cancer (ruler of emotions), I understood him. I’ve always been super in touch with my emotions, just like a Cancer. All I’ve ever wanted was to love someone and to be loved in return. Caring deeply about other people has always been my thing.

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If there is one thing I know to be true of all Cancers, it’s that they are so in touch with their emotions.

They will hold on to the memories of the people who hurt them just as tightly as they hold on to those people. In this case, it was his ex-girlfriend. After they’ve had their heart broken, it takes them a long time to open up to someone new. Sometimes when they’re sad, they isolate themselves. Let me tell you this: water signs love drowning in their tears.

When Cancers get hurt, they never really get over it. 

Sometimes Cancers get really clingy and needy because they genuinely care so much about other people and things. And sometimes, they just use manipulation to get you to stick around.

It sounds bad, I know, but the Cancer I was involved with kept me around because he was kind. It’s a Cancer thing, I think, to be gentle. When he noticed how I started to distance myself from him, he knew what to say to reel me back in. He made me feel special, wanted, needed, loved. But the underlying problem between us was that he was still holding on to feelings for his ex.

I loved a Cancer man and I learned how difficult it was for me to walk away. I saw so much of myself in him. I understood his emotions and his feelings. Still, I learned how easy it was for him to neglect my feelings. He was selfish with the way he cared.

I invested myself in a four-year relationship with him, but looking back, I see that it never really was a relationship at all. It was just me and my feelings and him and his feelings and that separation was what hurt me. Still, I can forgive. But like a Cancer man, I will never forget. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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