How To Really Make The Most Out Of Your Long Distance Relationship

Going The Distance
Going The Distance

1. Use technology to your advantage

Who said you only have to talk on the phone or Skype? Something my boyfriend and I do is watching Netflix together over Skype. It’s pretty easy! Just start Skype and have one person countdown for when you both press “play” on your favorite show. Now, you have a show that is just yours to bond over and talk about.

2. Exchange your favorite books

Turn February or March into unofficial-fun-time-book-club month. Give your partner a book you really like! You can even leave a cute message in the front cover to make it more special. You can do the swap when you see each other next, or send it in the mail. It will give you both something different to talk about and also expose you both to new aspects of each other.

3. Use the time apart to fall in love with yourself, alone

It’s one thing to use the time apart to become emotionally connected with your partner. What many people don’t think about is using the time to fall in love with you. It sounds like a cliché, and just typing it makes me want to throw up a little bit, but it’s true. Instead of spending a lot of time upset about not having a companion to go out with or snuggle up to at night (and this is okay too, see below), use that energy to find out more about you.  Take yourself on dates, teach yourself to do something from a tutorial video on Youtube, cross something off your “DREAM BIG TO-DO” list.

4. Give each other the chance to gripe without feeling bad

It can be really easy to not bring up something that’s bothering us because “it isn’t a conversation for the phone” or “I don’t want to ruin our Skype date.” These are totally logical excuses, but the real fact is: it might be a very long time until you see each other in person. And then you won’t want to “ruin” that time with a complaint either. If you both agree to address problems as they come, the awkwardness of “ruining the moment” will go away. You will begin to appreciate your ability to work through issues, and ultimately, this will be a key once the distance is gone.

5. Don’t feel bad for missing them/ talk about it.

It’s healthy to miss the person you love when you can’t be together. It can also be annoying if your friends give you a pity party any time you bring it up. Nobody wants to be a downer, but at the same time, you are entitled to your emotions. It’s never helpful to hear “I could never do that” or “I bet that sucks” from a handful of different acquaintances. Instead, confide in a friend you know will understand you (and obviously is okay with hearing about your feelings). I also want to stress that it is okay to tell your partner without either party feeling guilty. Blame it on the circumstance (jobs, school, money). Don’t blame it on the person.  Letting them know you miss them is just as meaningful as saying “I love you” in an LDR. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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