16 Signs You’re Addicted To ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Law & Order Special Victims Unit - The First Year
Law & Order Special Victims Unit – The First Year

1. Although he’s a model of physical perfection, you haven’t fully accepted Detective Amaro because no one will ever take the place of Eliot Stabler. The lack of closure on Stabler’s departure from the show will forever leave you questioning why the world is so unfair.

2. You beam with pride at the fact that Benson is taking control of the show, and recognize her for the badass she is.

3. You’re still not at peace with the fact that Benson and Stabler never got married and had beautiful, perfect badass children.

4. You cried actual tears when Captain Cragen left the show. Since he has a common look, you find real life Captain Cragens everywhere. (I did this with a cab driver with my best friend, and we were sure to let him know)

5. You can recite the opening lines word for word without any sort of hesitation.

6. You grew attached to at least one ADA in particular, most likely either Cabot or Novak. It actually made you sad to see them replaced.

7. The Season 15 premier that chronicled Benson being held hostage was such an emotional rollercoaster for you that it was almost too hard to watch.

8. That same episode gave you a glimmer of hope that Stabler would come rescue her. You were more than disappointed when he didn’t.

9. You recognize the pattern of how the detectives find the actual Perp. (Hint: it’s not usually the first suspect)

10. All day SVU marathons were like Christmas. Now that Netflix exists, it can be like Christmas every day.

11. You feel personally attacked whenever any of the suspects try to harm the detectives, either mentally or physically.

12. You find the subtle southern accent that Rollins has to be charming.

13. You find Tutuola’s sarcastic (and always ridiculous) comments to be even more charming.

14. The loss of Munch was yet another opportunity for you to have a good cry.

15. The episode in season 7 when Benson requested a new partner was really tough for you.

16. You can watch the same episode over and over. Knowing what happens doesn’t even take the fun out of it. TC Mark

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