17 Things That Happen When You’re A Short Girl

1. Cooking alone requires you to risk serious injury by climbing on top of counters to reach things in high cabinets.

2. You can put your hair in pig-tails and pass for a child in order to get the child discounts. ( I did this once at a haunted hayride and it was exhilarating.)

3. You likely also have freakishly small hands and/or feet.

4. You’re able to go into small places in which no one else can fit to scare people or retrieve lost items.

5. You form instant bonds with other short girls because they’re the only ones that understand your struggle.

6. Knee length dresses come down to mid-calf, and long dresses require stilettos.

7. Kissing a tall person always requires you to stand on your tip toes while they bend down as far as possible.

8. You often get asked if you’re old enough to be at the bar.

9. You consider every time you don’t get carded to be a small victory.

10. Extremely crowded parties or concerts are difficult for you. It’s hard to see and breathe when you’re at chest level with everyone else.

11. You jump at the chance to wear heels, because even if it’s  just for a day, it gives you a sense of what it’s like to be of normal height.

12.  Walking with people of normal height requires you to take two steps for every one step they take, which makes it difficult to keep up. Little legs can only go so fast.

13. Riding a bicycle without the seat lowered  is a recipe for disaster.

14. Even if you stand on a chair or a step-stool, it’s still almost impossible for you to change a light bulb.

15. You have a designated tall person to help you reach things on a day to day basis. They often come to your rescue without being asked, even though you know they think it’s hilarious to watch you struggle.

16. You get a thrill from being able to fit into suitcases and small boxes.

17. It’s something you identify with. Despite its obvious inconveniences, you still like being the short girl. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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