15 Signs You’re An Overly Obsessed Dog Lover

image - Flickr / tintedglass
image – Flickr / tintedglass

1. You wouldn’t even consider a partner who doesn’t share your love of canines. The thought of merely going on a date with someone who doesn’t like dogs is unthinkable.

2. You regularly google picture of your breed of choice, and brainstorm ideas of quirky names for your pet that may not yet exist.

3. Homeward Bound brings you to tears every time.

4. Watching a movie in which a dog dies is too much for you to handle (i.e. I Am Legend, Marley and Me) and you curse whoever recommended them to you in the first place.

5. You feel guilty eating in front of your dog without sharing a bite of your food.

image - Flickr / 23am.com
image – Flickr / 23am.com

6. You worry about them like parents worry about a child.

7. You find a crying baby and a crying dog to be equally heartbreaking.

8. You have an obscene amount of dog toys, most of which are scattered in random places throughout your house.

9. You talk to your dog on the phone when you’re away. (Am I the only one that does this?)

10. You have more than one nickname for them, and they respond to each one.

image - Flickr / smlp.co.uk
image – Flickr / smlp.co.uk

11. You talk to them as if they could comprehend more than just a few simple key words and commands.

12. You’ve considered getting their paw print tattooed somewhere on your body.

13. If you had the financial means to adopt every shelter dog in your city, you would do it without hesitation.

14. You’ve considered a career in law enforcement in the hopes of one day having a career like the Animal Cops on Animal Planet.

15. You’ve come to the conclusion that anyone who hates dogs just can’t possibly have a soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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