An Example of YouTube Enriching My Daily Life

Honestly, I was searching YouTube for instructional videos on how to speak Slytherin,(or parseltongue loser, as one commenter has already corrected) which is a totally fun and normal thing to do while having coffee in the morning, when I chanced upon this diamond of a video.

If you’re not having chill times like this in your bedroom, home, or apartment, then you’re not living life to its full potential. TC mark

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  • Lame

    that girl sux at dancing

  • Joseph Ernest Harper

    What do you mean, “speak Slytherin”? Feel like you mean parseltongue. Loser.

  • Katie

    I can't stop watching this.

  • yer swan

    I'm obsessed with this '80s decor. Is that a tub or a bed that she's dancing in front of? Why the fake snow? Also, closet mirrors. Meow. Gimme.

  • Marti

    the harry potter book

  • canter


  • Richard

    I remember when this website used to have writers.

    • Guest

      This is by far my favourite article today. It was fun, thought-provoking and happiness-affirming. And if you think decent thoughts only occur in the form of writing an essay.. Let’s go destroy museums and galleries and cinemas and theatres. Open your mind a little.

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