5 Unexpected Joys Of Having A Sister

KendallJenner / Instagram.com
KendallJenner / Instagram.com
It took a lot of growing up to realize the joys of sisterhood. As a child, I loved having sisters; my consistent playmates, sharers of secrets and imagination — but as I moved through adolescence my fondness for my sisters changed. They became my rivals, stealers of clothes, and subjects of my hormonal teenage rage.
In the depths of my “hatred,” I recall my mother and my aunts telling me that some day I’d appreciate and be grateful for my sisters. At the time, I couldn’t fathom that notion…but as I’ve matured (and my sisters likewise), our relationships have truly transformed.
Here is what I’ve come to love about having sisters, and what I am most grateful for today:

1. Having people in my life who know me inside and out, and love me anyway.

My sisters grew up with me. They have seen me at my best and at my worst. They know my quirks and insecurities, as well as my weaknesses and best assets. They have witnessed my tears, my failures, my smiles, and my successes. At the end of the day, regardless of my attitude or my mistakes, my sisters still love me relentlessly (and the same is true for the reverse).

2. I get to have people in my life to share life-long memories and stories with.

We are able to reminisce and share stories that always make for a good laugh. There is no need to fill in any gaps; my sisters lived it with me and took part in the memory making.

3. The immense support and fearless protection that they bring.

Even at my all-time low, I knew my sisters were there for me to lean on. Right or wrong, they were always on my side. My sisters defended me and stood up for me, regardless of the situation. You know how a mother bear protects her cubs? The same can be said about sisters protecting each other.

4. For their individuality and unique talents.

I have a sister who is sentimental, hard-working, selfless, and an impeccable housewife. I also have a sister who is spunky, fearless, strong-willed, and crazy book smart. I can go to both with the same problem at hand and get two completely different points of view. Our individual personalities work in all of our favors.

5. For the shoulders to cry on and people to celebrate with.

Sisters are there through thick and thin. They are there to hold you when you cry, and are your biggest cheerleaders when you succeed. There is no “I told you so” when you make a mistake, and there is no jealously when you achieve. Your sisters truly want the best for you. Not only will they catch you when you fall; they will set you back up on your feet and guide you back in the right direction.

Sisterhood is one of life’s biggest blessings. And sometimes, it’s a blessing in disguise. Your sisters should be your confidantes, your strength, and your stability in this crazy world. Be grateful for the unshakable bond that is your birth right. Appreciate your sisters and let them know how much you care every chance you get. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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