24 Unmistakable Signs Your Relationship Is Actually Low-Key Perfect


1. You complete each other’s sentences (literally!). It’s basically like you guys have one mind; you can both predict what the other is about to say!

2. You both had a TON of the same hobbies. And it’s not just, “Oh I’ll start doing something because my girlfriend does it,” it is a genuine and sincere interest in the same activities that makes every date yet another adventure.

3. You have thousands of little, hilarious inside jokes. You could both burst out in laughter at most random thing, leaving your friends totally clueless, but the two of you are totally on the same page!

4. You are always there for each other. It doesn’t matter if he was halfway through the most important interview of his life, if you REALLY needed him, your boyfriend would come. Your relationship isn’t just romance, it is a resolute bond.

5. You don’t rely on “make-up sex” to solve your problems. You have serious, and sometimes intense conversations, and while it might get heated sometimes, it’s because you care, and you will always be able to talk it out.

6. He makes your bed in the morning, or cooks you dinner, or takes out your trash. And you do the same for him. And it’s not because either of you are “supposed to” or obligated to do it. It’s just little favors to make the day easier for each of you.

7. He’s cancelled plans to spend time with you. Without regretting it for even a second.

8. You bring each other comfort food / medicine when the other is sick. Even when your S/O INSISTS that it isn’t necessary.

9. You don’t have to dress up to feel comfortable around each other. You never feel like you have to throw on a cute outfit to spent time with each other. You are just as happy lounging around in pajamas all day.

10. Paying for food or drinks is never awkward. Sometimes you take it, sometimes he takes it, sometimes you split it. It’s not a huge deal.

11. You can listen to stories from each other’s day for hours. For some reason you just love hearing him talk about the mundane shit that happened at school or work. Maybe you just like hearing the sound of his voice, and he likes hearing the sound of yours.

12. You both know how to make fun of each other. You are perfect at poking at each other’s funny quirks and silly habits. And it’s always even more hilarious because you know you both love each other.

13. They always know what to do to cheer you up. Whether it is bringing you your favorite ice cream, telling some silly story, or just enveloping you in some giant hug, they LITERALLY always know what to do to make you feel better.

14. You’ve both seen each other at your worst, and it’s okay. They’ve seen you ugly cry after seeing your ex at some house party, and you’ve seen them rant and rave about getting a bad grade and not getting the job they wanted. All life’s shit just brings you closer together.

15. They never forget any of your important events. They will literally show up at any important event with a bouquet of flowers and their support.

16. Also they buy you the best gifts. Not all the time, or an overwhelming amount, but just enough to remind you that you are special — and you do the same.

17. They absolutely never guilt you for eating unhealthy occasionally. They’ll probably be sharing the exact same jug of ice cream with you.

18. But they absolutely will speak out and encourage you to live the very best life you can. They love you enough to challenge you to achieve your full potential.

19. Because your relationship isn’t build on a sand. It has a sturdy foundation that withstands every argument, every debate, every silly fight.

20. You don’t hide things from each other (except maybe birthday gifts!!).

21. Meeting family members and other friends of your S/O isn’t an obligation or a chore, it is something you both genuinely enjoy doing because these are people who are important to someone who is very important to you.

22. You don’t “watch” what you say around each other. You just don’t have to.

23. While you have both made mistakes, you have also both forgiven each other.

24. Because your relationship is the closest thing to perfect that exists on this earth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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