4 Signs You’re Honestly Not Ready To Get Married

4 Signs You’re Honestly Not Ready To Get Married

1. One of you is struggling with mental health issues (including addictions)

Many of us struggle with mental health issues. I’m certainly not saying everyone with depression, or anxiety, etc., shouldn’t get married. What I am saying, though, is if your mental health is not well treated and managed at the moment, then that is your priority right now — not planning a wedding.

2. You don’t like yourself

If you’re not happy with yourself, it may not be the best move to be getting married at the moment. People with low self-worth tend to tolerate behaviors from their partners that they shouldn’t. They are also more likely to fall for love-bombing and miss other red-flags that might indicate problems further down the line. (Know the red-flags to avoid unhealthy relationships).

3. You think something will change with marriage

A friend of mine cried on her wedding day. Not your usual tears-of-joy type cry — she cried so hard that they had to cancel the photography session. I took her aside for a chat to see what was wrong.

4. You’re not in the “attachment phase” yet

If you were friends before dating then it’s a bit different, but with love-goggles on you can be blind to your partner’s faults for months.

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