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Thank You For Choosing To Be Mine

We never expected to find each other, to feel a spark as our eyes met for the first time, to watch the twilight fade to night as we began to fall for each other in that dimly-lit bar. We never expected the world to change so drastically, pulling each other apart as we drew each other in. But my love, thank you for loving me through the uncertainty, the distance, the fear that we might remain forever apart. Thank you for being mine.

We fell hard and fast, kissing passionately on sunlit streets, pretending the rest of the world was hidden away. We imagined each other in our wildest fantasies, waking up to discover nothing but emptiness by our side. We promised that hardship could never break us, that the unforeseen would pull us closer, even as our world disintegrated before our eyes. But my love, thank you for promising me your heart, loving me as if I am the only woman in the world. Thank you for staying by my side.

We watched our love blossom as the world healed, sharing our deepest fears, disclosing our longest-held secrets, holding each other through our struggles. We yearned to escape the world together, to find serenity and solace in each other alone, sequestered from judgment, devoid of fear. But my love, thank you for keeping me tethered to reality even as you whisked me away from the chaos of the world, making me feel like I am always with you. Thank you for always being there for me.

We witnessed the world grow darker and colder, forcing us to seek shelter away from each other’s arms. We lingered in our sadness, crestfallen that the world itself pulled us apart once again, longing to remain side-by-side forevermore. But my love, thank you for your patience, for remembering that I love you no matter how the world threatens to shatter our love. Thank you for waiting for me.

Together, we discovered a love we never anticipated, a flame born from an ember, a powerful, unbreakable magnetism cemented in laughter and tears. My love, thank you for keeping our love alive in a world full of heartbreak. Thank you for loving me wholeheartedly, just as I love you.

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