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A Spotify Playlist For When You Need To Feel Uplifted

1. “Happy Anywhere” – Blake Shelton feat. Gwen Stefani

For the moments when your favorite people feel far away and you feel completely alone. For the times when you need a reminder of the people in your life who make you happy anywhere you are.

You’re always my destination/You’re the only thing I’m chained to/I could be happy anywhere/I could be happy anywhere with you.

2. “Home Sweet” – Russell Dickerson

For when you feel lost and directionless without your person by your side. For the moments when you need a reminder that whether you’re side-by-side or across the country, when you reach out to them, you’re always home.

Baby all I know, ain’t nothin’ like, nothin’ like/Home sweet/You and me.

3. “Thank You Lord” – Chris Tomlin

For when you feel like life is too hard to pull through. For the moments when you struggle to find gratitude for the good in your life, but you still want to live with a thankful heart.

Thank you Lord for the hard times/For lighting the way in the dark times.

4. “Light On” – Maggie Rogers

For when your expectations of others are constantly leaving you feeling let down and defeated. For the moments when you need to let go of “perfect” relationships and just go with the flow.

If you keep reaching out/Then I’ll keep coming back/But if you’re gone for good/Then I’m okay with that.

5. “Wish For The World” – Ryan Hurd

For when you feel like you’ve forgotten all of the little blessings that make your life worth living. For the moments when you don’t realize how much love constantly surrounds you.

If just one wish could come true/I wish everyone could find someone to love like I love you.

6. “Yours or Mine” – Joey Hendricks

For when you need a little nostalgia to remind you how wonderful your partner is. For when you need a reminder of how hard they feel for you and how you’re always on their mind.

If that smile says you’re in it/Then I don’t wanna waste a minute/So do you wanna find out/What I wanna find out?

7. “invisible string” – Taylor Swift

For when you feel disconnected and forgotten, like no one seems to care about you. For when you need a reminder of how many people have loved you in the most mysterious ways.

And isn’t it so pretty to think/All along there was some/Invisible string/Tying you to me?

8. “Down To One” – Luke Bryan

For when you need a reminder that someone loves you because you are one-of-a-kind. For the moments when you want to feel like someone’s one and only.

Straight falling in love/Right there that night/Down to one.

9. “Seemed Like A Good Idea” – Mitch Rossell

For when you’re beating yourself up over one too many bad decisions and need a little self-compassion. For the moment when you decide to finally forgive yourself for your mistakes.

Lookin’ back I must’ve been outta my mind/But it seemed like a good idea at the time.

10. “Starting Over” – Chris Stapleton

For when your biggest fantasy is to run away with that special person and never look back. For the moments when all you want in life is the chance to start over.

You can be my four-leaf clover/Starting over/Starting over.

11. “Power Suit” – Caroline Romano

For when you feel like you’ll never move ahead in your career and you question every decision you’ve made. For the times when you need to remember that you are intelligent, talented, and a total boss.

There’s nothing I can’t do/In a power suit.

12. “My Person” – Spencer Crandall

For when you’ve been looking for that special someone for a lifetime and you worry that you may never find them. For the moments when you need a reminder that you’ll find your person at the most unexpected times.

My everything/I’ve never been more sure that you’re/ My person.

13. “Come On In” – Gabrielle Mooney

For when you’re afraid of sharing your past with others because you worry it might scare them away. For the times when you need a reminder that being vulnerable with the ones you love is perfectly okay.

If you wanna know who I am/Just come on in, come on in.

14. “Wrapped Up In Roses” – Liddy Clark

For when all of your relationships have been an uphill battle and you worry that love will never get any easier. For the moments when you’re falling for someone so different from your past partners extremely quickly.

Wrapped up in roses, wrapped up in roses/I’m hopelessly hoping with my heart wide open.

15. “Fire Love” – YACHT MONEY

For when your relationships have everything but passion and you wonder if anyone can set your heart on fire anymore. For when you need a reminder that someone will come along and ignite a spark with you.

Baby, you’re so smokin,’ feel every emotion.

16. “This Love” – Jordana Bryant

For when you dream of that giddy love that makes you feel like a starry-eyed teenager again. For when you feel skeptical of whether or not someone will sweep you off your feet and make your world feel magical.

I don’t gotta wish/On any shooting stars/‘Cause I got just what I wanted/Being here in your arms.

17. “If Not For Friends” – Amy Jack

For when you can only think about all of the negativity and fear in the world. For the moments when you need a reminder that kindness still surrounds us all.

Neighbors and strangers/To put their lives in danger/Lord I hate to think what might have been/If not for friends.

18. “Outro (all you need is love)” – Avenue Beat

For when you worry that you’ll never get what you desire out of life. For the moments when you need a short, sweet reminder of the most important thing in this life.

All you need is love, love/Love is all you need.

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