I Miss You Most At Midnight

I miss you most at midnight, when I lie awake tossing and turning by the light of the moon, knowing that we should be together, wishing you were by my side.

But every night, as the world grows dark, I can only dream of you whispering your deepest desires as you caress my body. I can only imagine you stroking my hair, your touch calming me as our lips meet. I can only envision the moonlight in your eyes as you tell me you never want to let me go. And as I awaken, I resign myself to my unfulfilled desires, remembering that I will never find myself tangled up with you, lying together, heart-in-heart.

I miss you most at midnight, when your most passionate fantasies come alive. I waltz through your dreams, luring you into me, promising you my everything. As night falls, we close the curtains, entering our own private nirvana, surrendering to our whims as our bodies quake with desire. Every touch pulses with electricity, making us yearn for more until our deepest fears are stripped away. But as the dawn breaks, you discover you’ve been stripped of me, the spark you crave little more than an enticing figment of your imagination.

I miss you most at midnight, when fear overtakes my mind. I lose myself in the recesses of my thoughts, wondering if time and distance will draw us away from our dreams. I reminisce on the simplicity of days past, savoring the moments we shared before the world grew weary. I long to recapture the joy we felt as our love first blossomed, when we assumed our lives would always remain uncomplicated by the wild world.

But as I feel your lusting body against mine, your light touch on my skin, I remember that all that remains is the moonlight. It’s midnight once again, binding two hearts full of unfulfilled fantasies.

I miss you most at midnight. And as I lie awake, longing for your presence, I hope you miss me too.

Lives for red lipstick, high heels, 80’s pop, cats, and Oxford commas.

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