Your Worth Is Immeasurable

You believe that you’re innately unworthy, the only one in the world who can never deserve your own love. You scrutinize your faults one by one, using them as an endless list of justifications for your self-defeating behavior. But whether you accept the truth in the present moment or continue to make excuses for why you place last in the world, know that your worth is immeasurable and always will be.

Your worth transcends your past. You feel the secrets of days gone by bear down on you, haunting your every decision. You believe that if anyone sees the demons you’ve faced deep through your carefully constructed life, you will feel undeserving of love and respect in this life. But despite the struggles you’ve faced, the rough edges of your story, you are worthy of filling the chapters of your life with kindness, care, and love.

Your worth transcends your trauma. You reel at the memories that threaten to close in on you, the moments you fear for your safety. You wonder if the pain was your fault alone, if you deserve to bear the crushing weight of your mind. But despite the moments you believed you’d never survive, the scars that haunt you to this day, you are worthy of discovering peace within yourself and walking the path to healing.

Your worth transcends your actions. You replay every blunder in your mind as you lie awake at night, wondering how someone so seemingly cumbersome can survive in this world. You struggle to forgive yourself for the moments you spoke without thinking, reacted too soon, acted out of aggression alone. But despite the times you’ve acted in ways that contradict your values, the moments when you’ve retreated in shame, you are worthy of self-compassion and forgiveness.

You may feel certain that you will always be too flawed for the love you long for, the respect you desire, the fulfillment you seek. You may believe that your faults will remain too great for the rest of the world to overlook. But despite the wounds you bear and the scars you carry, the pain of the past, and the burden of the present, you are innately worthy of a life worth living. Even in your darkest moments, never forget that your worth is immeasurable.

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