Even If We No Longer Talk, I’ll Always Support You

We may have known each other years ago, sharing childhood secrets with abandon, or we may have befriended each other recently, griping about the annoyances of adulthood. But no matter when we grew apart, forging connections that would come to replace our own, I will always support you. And whether we walked away amicably or we’re living without closure, still hurting from the loss of our friendship, I will always cheer you on.

Even if we no longer talk, I wish you all the best. I hope that you find lifelong friends, friends who will remain by your side through both your triumphs and your challenges. I pray that you find true love in someone who loves every wonderful piece of you, every magnetic quality that draws friends and strangers to you. I dream that you will find fulfillment in life, achieving all the goals that we dreamt up together, discovering true happiness within yourself.

Even if we no longer talk, I refuse to live with resentment. We may have separated on account of our ideologies, our actions, or our life trajectories, but no matter how we parted, I’ll never let hatred overcome my heart. No matter who you are or where you end up in life, I cherish the moments we spent together, hoping that you discover peace within your soul as you forge new paths and develop deep, unbreakable connections. I wholeheartedly believe that the universe separated us for reasons we have yet to discover, that we will someday reach the fulfillment we seek apart from each other, accepting fate’s whims as the tides of our relationship turn.

Even if we no longer talk, I will always love you unconditionally. No matter how we left each other, I will forever carry precious memories of you deep in my heart, reliving the past with fond clarity. I’ll reminisce about you often, letting my heart overflow with love for you, praying that you are living fully and wholly. I will silently remain by your side through the highs and the lows, feeling my soul grow warm as I watch your story unfold in perfect harmony, stinging with pain as you experience the unbearable grief of loss. I promise to show my love for you in everything I do, and I hope you feel my deep care for you in my words and actions.

No matter the story of our friendship, the road we walked together from beginning to end, I hope you discover happiness, peace, and love. I accept the timing of the universe and pray that you find deep connections that will help you weather life’s storms. Even if we no longer talk, I’ll always support you.

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