Dear God — Thank You For Testing Me

You’ve imbued my path with struggle, thrusting me into each difficult decision with Your faith, trusting that I will transcend each challenge with grace. I’ve wept over Your plan, praying that I will survive all You’ve destined me to face. But God, thank you for testing me, for shaping me into who You’ve created me to become.

God, thank you for teaching me where my values lie. You’ve watched me confront the temptation to stray from You, to bend to the will of hatred and vitriol, to deny Your existence as I struggle to stay afloat in the midst of the storms. You’ve wrapped Your love around me, reminding me of Your presence, hoping that I’ll choose You to lead me through life. Thank you for guiding me through each moral dilemma, standing by me as I lead with my heart and Your spirit, encouraging me to live my life by Your virtue, Your grace alone.

God, thank you for strengthening me. As I reach a pristine road, breathing in relief and freedom, You pave my path with stinging gravel, stones that cut into me with every fall. You’ve presented me with trial after trial until I’ve sunk under the weight of Your plan, praying to uncover the light as I slip into darkness. Thank you for teaching me that I am made in Your image, strong enough to trust You through my doubts, resilient enough to transcend any obstacle you place in my path, fearless enough to love You through hardships and serenity alike.

God, thank you for transforming me into who I’m meant to be. In Your divinity, You know every piece of my fragile heart, every mark on my tender soul. You carry within you a sacred plan for my future, pleasure and pain intertwined, the golden key to my growth. Thank you for molding me with every struggle, shaping me with every stumble, sculpting me with every trauma, forever promising that You love me and I’ll cherish who You’ve made me.

God, thank you for trying me, testing me, tearing me apart and stitching me back together. In my darkest moments, You’ve revealed my unwavering faith, my enduring strength, my everlasting hope, my destiny. Through the toil and trauma, You’ve showered me in Your undying love, promising my survival, revealing that I’ll forever love the woman who rose from the ashes, the miraculous human You’ve created me to be.

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