Wait For Someone Who’s More Than Your Valentine

You see couples all around, embracing each other, sharing soft kisses, planning romantic candlelit evenings. You feel like time is running out as you dream of the coveted moment that someone asks you to be their Valentine. But in your rush to find someone who will love you for a day (or even for a night), you are escaping the opportunity to find the love that will fulfill your wildest fantasies.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t settle for a temporary love. Wait for someone who sees you as more than just your Valentine.

Wait for someone who sees a future with you. They’ll strive to achieve their goals alongside you, walking hand-in-hand with you every step of the way. They’ll eagerly await sharing in life’s milestones with you, watching you glow as you walk down the aisle, settling down with you in a quaint home, cuddling your sweet children, sitting by your side and watching the sunset as your body grows frail. They’ll plan, hope, dream, and persist, loving their way into a beautiful life with you.

Wait for someone who celebrates you every day. They’ll fall for the way the moon shines in your eyes and stay for the way you laugh as if no one can hear. They’ll bring you breakfast in bed, send you flowers at work, and leave love notes at home, simply because they care deeply for you. They’ll marvel over every piece of you that makes you squirm in discomfort — your pale legs, calloused hands, and scarred stomach — knowing that they wouldn’t change a single chapter of your story. They’ll love you because you are no one but yourself.

Wait for someone whose love stays. They’ll love you through the sunshine and the storms, holding you close to their heart as they comfort you. They’ll fight against the naysayers, placing you above all else, even as the world questions your love story. They’ll adore you even after the diamonds tarnish and the roses wilt because they understand that true love is eternal, unconditional.

You’re craving someone to devote their time and attention to you, someone who will shower you in Valentine’s gifts and transient, passionate love. But before you rush into a few hours of passion, choose to wait for someone who’s more than your Valentine, a lifelong partner who will admire you in every season and love you unconditionally. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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