The Truth Is, You Are Enough

The Truth Is, You Are Enough

You feel like you’re falling behind in life. You wonder what seems to pull everyone forward while you stay stagnant — drive, charisma, courage? But when you worry that you’re failing and underestimating your worth and potential at every turn, your mind is deceiving you. It’s convinced you that nothing you could possibly do matters anymore, that you will never deserve hope, love, and happiness.

But the truth is, you are enough.

You are enough to love. One day, someone will admire every inch of you, every quality you wish you could hide. They’ll adore the way you hide behind your hair when you’re feeling vulnerable, the way your cheery laugh echoes across the room, and the way you sprawl across the bed. They’ll kiss your scars, hug you through illness, and love you through struggle. They will see you as the most lovable, deserving person on Earth, the only one worthy of their affection.

You are enough to achieve. One day, you will fulfill every dream you’ve believed is far too unreachable. You’ll earn that advanced degree, climb the corporate ladder, and become the most successful version of yourself. You’ll settle into a white picket fence life, surrounded by a loving family of children and dogs. You’ll touch others’ lives, inspiring them with your story, encouraging them to keep pushing through life’s toughest moments.

You are enough to live. One day, you will fully celebrate your place in this world. You’ll admire the way the snow numbs your skin, give thanks for the way your head aches after you cry, and praise the way you feel after a sleepless night, simply because you are alive. You’ll savor the joy of rainy days, freshly-picked flowers, and home-cooked meals, fully understanding that you are worthy of experiencing life’s pleasures. You’ll find the courage to persist through your darkest days, remembering that you are brave enough to handle anything life throws your way.

You feel left behind, inadequate, and unworthy, but it’s time to recognize the most valuable truth you’ll ever know: you may think that you will never meet your expectations. You may believe that you are undeserving. But despite your doubts, you are enough, right here, right now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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