No Matter What, They Will Never Break Us

They shake their heads, wondering if we will last. They see weakness where we see strength, two broken hearts stitching each other back together. They hope that we’ll admit defeat, caving into their desires until we gradually drift apart, never to meet again.

But no matter how they try to beat us down, no matter how heavily we cry in each other’s arms, they can never break us.

They insist that we’re young, dumb, and delusional, two lovers caught in a whirlwind romance. They claim that we’re “too naive,” planning dreams that will never come to fruition. They doubt that we can love each other the way we each truly deserve — purely, fully, and truly. They dwell on our weaknesses, refuse to recognize our strengths, and doubt our capability and worth.

Their harsh words sting, but their venom bridges us together, bringing our hearts closer until we become one. Together, with the stones they throw at us, we build a fortress against the pain of the outside world. We transform their pain into passion, using our love to overcome every ounce of their hatred.

Even through their doubts and fears, we remain together, rising above anyone who could try to hurt us. We wrap ourselves in each other’s arms as we dry our tears, strengthening each other and praying that our heartaches will heal. We uplift each other until they can no longer reach us, love each other through our doubts and fears, and remember our resilience as we stand against our naysayers.

Together, we are unbeatable, tremendously powerful as we love each other through their hatred. They doubt us, but their animosity will never fill the cracks in our hearts. They hope to beat us down, to pull us away from each other, but no matter how they try, they will never break us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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