I Hope I Never Wake Up From You

You feel like a dream as you stride over to me. The world fades as you embrace me, holding me as if I am the only woman you have ever loved. As you play with my windswept hair and look into my eyes, you realize there is no one but me. You hope to hold me in your heart forever.

As I admire your roses, I pray that even as the petals fall around me, you will never run. As the beautiful flowers grow brittle, drying and cracking under the sun, you remain. You hold me in your strong arms and love me through every trial.

Your passion and loyalty feel surreal. I convince myself that your pure, true love is an illusion, a fairytale that will end in tears and goodbyes. But every time you speak my name, I fall more deeply in love as you charm me. I admire the way your heart rests in mine.

I am afraid that at any moment, I will wake up from you. I worry that I have simply imagined you, writing a grand love story that you will never read. I constantly wonder if you will disappear, leaving me to pick up the pieces and find traces of your love as I cry over you.

I spend sleepless nights looking out over the city, admiring the skyline as I try to wish you back to me. Your unconditional love seems too rare to believe, so I lie awake, persuading myself that this is real.

I hope I never wake up from you, your kind eyes, your gentle voice, your blooming roses, and your love. You are my dream come to life, the miracle that keeps my heart beating day by day. As I watch the lights brighten the city skyline, I wish for your body next to mine. I imagine a forever with you. Areal, raw love that will never die. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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