I Just Want To Be Home In Your Arms

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You’re miles away, too far for comfort, too far to soothe my aching soul. I yearn for you, numbering the days until you return to me, praying that you never dream of her instead.

You may be far away, but I just want to be home in your arms.

I just want you to hold me again, wrapping your arms around me in a warm embrace as I savor the sensation of your skin against mine. I envision my heart racing as you take me by the waist and promise to never let me go. I dream of your strong arms safeguarding me for eternity as I hold my heart in yours, a lifelong bond that distance and time can never break.

I just want you to soothe me again, stroking my hair with your gentle touch as I cry over the weight of the past. I long to feel your palpable comfort quell the storms within my heart as I fight to see the sun again. I crave your soft, deep voice with a wild sense of abandon, calming me through the insurmountable frenzy that grips my mind and refuses to let go.

I just want you to touch me again, to feel me nestled against your broad chest as you rock me to sleep. I pray to hear your heartbeat next to mine, creating a rhythmic cadence that will last until the end of time. I long for the sensation of you—your silky hair, your tender lips, the soul-to-soul way you eclipse my being until nothing remains but us, falling into each other without rescue, holding each other for eternity.

My cries for you echo across the seas, resonantly ringing through the valleys as I crave you next to me. I thrive off the timeless magic of your touch, the river of calm that tames my restless heart. Although we lie an ocean apart, you are my home, my shelter, my security.

My love, take me home in your arms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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