You Are Worth The Wait

selective focus photography of woman wearing white sleeveless dress holding human hand during golden hour
Alexandra Gorn / Unsplash

I spent years wondering if you would ever arrive, undeniably alluring in your slapdash charm, irresistibly attractive in your casual confidence. The days seemed to drag on as I wallowed and wavered, pondering if I was to blame for your absence, fearing I would never find you. But at last, you have arrived, every bit as magnetic as I had dreamed, and you are indubitably worth the wait.

You are worth the pervasive self-doubt. I spent countless nights lying awake, believing I was too off-putting, too different, too much for someone like you. I was terrified that my insecurities would consume me, driving you away the same way I wish I could make my all-consuming struggles vanish – without an answer, without a trace. But you’ve discovered the beauty in my flaws, accepting me wholeheartedly, helping me believe in love again.

You are worth the swirling questions about our future. We began softly, slowly, cautiously attempting to kindle a flame between us, steadily waiting for a spark to ignite. We shared our deepest feelings and fears, knowing deep in our hearts that we were meant for each other, waiting for the universe to push us together. We were unattached, undefined, uncertain, lingering in our commitment to each other, searching for signs of our love. But at last, you have resolved the mystery of us, loving me and only me, cherishing my heart until the end of time as I fall deeper into yours.

You are worth the journey. The miles stretch endlessly before us; the mountains and rivers attempt to divide us. Our voices travel across the fault lines; our love echoes through the seas, drawing us into each other as the world splits us apart. But the distance between us has joined us at the heart, inextricably bonding us together, rendering our pining hearts inseparable in its powerful grasp.

You are the one I’ve been searching for, the salve to my tears, my dreams come alive. You love me as I love you; compassionately, unreservedly, passionately, falling more deeply every day. I promise to open my heart to you, to let you love me with your entire soul because you deserve to melt into a heart as pure and full as yours. I spent years wondering if you would ever arrive, but you are undeniably worth the wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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