This Fall, I’m Falling For You

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The winds swirl in playful gusts, scattering leaves across empty streets in a lively dance of love. The aromatic scents of cinnamon and nutmeg are alluring, leaving behind trails of autumnal nostalgia. The sensation of twirling through hay, boots barely touching the ground, is magnetic in its youthful glee.

But this fall, I’m falling for you.

This fall, I’m falling for your kind eyes. On the coldest days, when the blustery winds threaten to overwhelm my heart, they warm me, soothing my soul, wrapping me up in your powerful comfort. I gaze into them with a sense of newfound wonder, losing myself in you, accepting that I will never find my way out. They remind me that even as the ghosts of broken hearts past haunt my mind, there is always a sliver of good in the world.

This fall, I’m falling for your warm smile. As the nights grow darker, ensconcing me in their powerful chill, it is my light, my escape from the frights of shadowy, ebony nightmares. I melt into your casual grin, smiling dreamily as if you were nothing but an illusion, hoping I never wake up. It reminds me that even though the world is a masquerade, full of corrupt souls disguised in ornate costume, I will never stray far from safety.

This fall, I’m falling for your tender heart. As the days slip away, leaving me longing for you, your love remains — constant, steady, passionate. It is my will to survive the powerful gusts, to seek shelter, to nestle myself deep inside your soul for eternity. It reminds me that we will once again reunite as if we had never been apart, striding hand-in-hand through tree-lined streets, sipping warm drinks as we laugh over everything and nothing, cuddling against each other as we blanket ourselves from the consuming bluster.

This fall, I’m falling for you, caressing you as the leaves swirl around us in a rustic haze, cherishing you as we kiss beneath the cool moonlight. I’m swiftly tumbling to the ground, your hand firmly resting in mine as we fall heart-in-heart, hoping our love won’t scatter in the autumn breeze. TC mark

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Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again

Nothing scares me more than someone loving me one day and deciding they don’t want me the next. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again.

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