I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

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I can’t stop thinking about you. Even in your absence, you consume me, washing over me like a summer rain, lingering like the morning fog. You are a persistent presence in my mind, a recurring dream from which I can never seem to wake.

You never leave my side, remaining in my heart for an eternity. I stumble over the cracks in the sidewalk as you fill the breaks in my heart. I lose my words as I dream about yours, the deep, soft timbre of your voice awakening my soul, soothing me to sleep. I carelessly smile as I long to see yours, bright and warm, lighting my spirit with its magnetic glow.

As I remember you, cherishing all you are and all that’s yet to come, I forget everything else. I hum my way through each day, airly losing track of time as the hours fly by. I lose my train of thought as it meanders through my mind, fruitlessly attempting not to stray, but hopelessly failing. In the vast expanses of my mind, my thoughts fade away like a melted snowfall, and as the runoff flows away, all that remains is you.

As my thoughts cascade out of my mind, every stray letter, every poignant word celebrates you. You are my poetry and my prose, the spilled ink that accidentally transforms into a captivating love story. You are my muse, imbuing my wild fantasies with undeniable meaning, inspiring a pristine collection of appellations to escape from my pining soul. You conceal yourself in page after weathered page, eternally immortalizing your heart in pulp and print.

They suspect I’m smitten as the final vestiges of rationality escape me. You linger in my bright smile, my shining eyes, my sudden spurts of impassioned thoughtlessness, my unwavering vulnerability as I profess my love for you. Despite my attempts to cloak you in my heart, to reserve you for no one but me, I am painfully transparent. My careless trail of clues has convinced them I’ve fallen into you without rescue, but in my haze of unmitigated passion, I will never stop thinking of you, dancing through a river of spilled ink until we cease to exist. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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