What It Means To Love Each Other, Even When You’re Miles Apart

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He’s miles away from you, on the other side of the country, or perhaps, halfway across the world. The distance makes your heart pine for him, even as it pushes you apart. But, love always remains, even as times change and the distance between you increases.

Your love transcends the physical. You wish you could hold each other, hug each other, kiss each other. You long to wrap your hands around each other, to feel your hearts beating in synchronicity as your chests caress each other. But, you discover your connection is richer, more emotional. You no longer need to rely on gentle touches and sweet kisses when you know each other’s souls more deeply than each other’s lips.

Your love is based on trust. You take each other’s word that infidelity will not break you. You commit to each other alone; weekly Skype dates, daily messages, no thoughts of anyone else. You are honest when you feel each other beginning to fall apart, fall for someone else, slip into unfaithful thoughts, unholy desires. You would rather speak the truth immediately and begin to sew your hearts back together than to find yourself tangled up in someone else’s bed, yearning for love, hunting for passion. You know that this love, your love, your trust is above all else, and nothing can shatter your connection.

Your love sees the positive. You count down the days until you will finally see each other again, until you can leap into his arms, until you can shower him with affection. You know that you will reunite as if you had never left, as if time stood still for months on end, waiting for him, waiting for you. You learn to weather the distance and wade through the storms together, your presence intangible but undeniably powerful as you lean on each other. You recognize, above all else, that distance hasn’t broken you, and nothing in the universe can.

Your love is typical. You adore each other wholeheartedly, “whisper” sweet nothings over the vast reaches of the Internet, plan extravagant dates, surprise each other with tokens of love and affection. He fondles the necklace you left him when he misses your heart; you burrow yourself in his hoodie when you miss his scent. You share everything imaginable; birthday celebrations, life milestones, the seemingly mundane details of your lives. You are constant, you are affectionate, you are thoughtful, you are romantic. You are an ordinary couple thriving under extraordinary circumstances.

Your love is true. It rings out over the mountains that divide you, it runs deeper than the oceans that separate you. It is inexpressibly strong, impeccably pure, undeniably fulfilling. Your love is unstoppable; powerful enough to last for an eternity because you know that nothing, not distance, not longing, not time can break you apart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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