This Is Your Time To Grow

woman spreading arms near body of water
Fernando Brasil / Unsplash

You feel as though you are lost, directionless, searching for meaning in your life as you grope your way through the dark, desperate for a light, a glimmer of hope, a reason to change. The sensation of your stagnation overpowers you in its comfortable numbness; willing you to stand still, to evade the turning tides as you contemplate every decision you’ve made and declare that your life, even in its melancholy mediocrity, is enough.

But this is your time to grow; to live and learn from your mistakes, to discover what makes your soul light and free, to work towards achieving your wildest dreams. This is your time to strive for better in all you are and all you do; pushing the limits of everything you believed to be possible.

This is your time to embrace change. You shirk from leaving everything you know behind, denying your potential as you long to wrap yourself in a cocoon of comfort, an impeccably warm blanket of freedom from uncertainty. But if you stride confidently toward the change from which you wish to run, letting it encapsulate your heart, your life will transform before your eyes; leaving you awash in dreams come alive and blessings aplenty.

This is your time to discover yourself. You feel stuck in an existential daze; far removed from the signature on your heart, fearing that you will learn the worst and become terrified of your own reflection. But if you immerse yourself in chapters present and chapters past, caressing each page of your life with care, lingering on each word until it fully immerses your soul, you will emerge refreshed, comforted by your intimate understanding of your fancies and fears.

This is your time to take the leap to a brighter future. You are teetering on the edge of a precipice; tempted to catapult yourself towards your hopes and dreams, but reluctant to jump blindly into the unknown. But if you refuse to hover on the edge of possibility, resolving to yield your everlasting wait for a mysterious force to push you headfirst into your passions, you will fall in love with life again; rediscovering your beating heart, your glowing smile, your melodious laugh.

This is your time to grow; to immerse yourself in the whimsy of unpredictability, to reconnect with your desires, passions, and fears, to cherish every new discovery, to embrace the power of the here and now. This is your time to quell the numb stagnation that consumes you. This is your time to strive for more than you could have ever imagined; basking in awareness, improvement, and direction. This is your time to fearlessly reach for each rung on the golden ladder of your dreams. TC mark

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