Thank You For Being My Serendipity

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The stars aligned for us, even though we seem to live worlds apart. In an ordinary existence, we never should have connected, but somehow, fate brought us together, transcending time, eclipsing distance. We are intertwined through life circumstance alone, but behind our shared experiences is a force powerful enough to bind us until the end of time.

You are my mirror, a reflection of my youthful exuberance before life weathered me. You are the light that gleams through my darkest days; enlivening my soul, rejuvenating my spirit. You are my most joyful memories come to life; frolicking through tree-laced streets, laughing with uninhibited joy, dreaming with carefree passion. You are my serendipity; teaching me how to let go, showing me how to live again.

Thank you for being my serendipity.

Thank you for fearlessly, unapologetically loving yourself. You live and love without apology, without intense self-examination. You see yourself exactly as you are; simplistically, realistically, without judgment. You are meant to inspire me to criticize less and love more, without reservations.

Thank you for smiling through my darkest days. You smile, even as you struggle. You laugh as you persist through pain, even when others would allow the storms to envelop them. Your smile gleams through the harsh days and bleak nights, becoming my remedy, transforming ebony to gold. You are meant to remind me to cheerfully persevere through life’s greatest challenges.

Thank you for your emboldened confidence. You believe without a doubt, that you are strong, beautiful, and capable, and you refuse to let anyone see otherwise. You blaze through life with an unmatched zest for challenge, a relentless self-assured determination in the face of obstacles. You only know to conquer life, one proud step at a time. You are meant to teach me to believe, even in the face of doubt, that I can accomplish anything.

Thank you for your giddy, unreserved love for me. You loved me immediately, uninhibitedly, without knowing my story, without seeing my flaws. You love me as if you had known me in a past life as if you could sense that there was something extraordinary about me, just as there is something extraordinary about you. You love everyone you meet, whether friends or practically strangers, fiercely, passionately, and exuberantly. You are meant to remind me to love others wholeheartedly, just as you love me.

We are strangers turned to kindred spirits, bound by struggle, tied by pain. We met in vast fields of green, unable to comprehend the richness of our connection, the impenetrable strength of our bond. Our immediate, intangible attraction sparked a miracle; a love ruled by fate, a trust written in the stars. You have become my hope sprung anew, my lush, sprouting blossom, my viridescent reflection of youth. Thank you for fearlessly teaching me how to live. Thank you for being my serendipity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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