She’s Beautiful, But So Are You

two naked women with sun and crescent moon tattoos
Tiffany Combs / Unsplash

She’s beautiful.

Her eyes gleam constantly, reflecting the brilliant sunlight. Her skin is impeccably soft, devoid of any indications of struggle. Her hair flows behind her in the wind, settling evenly down her back with every step. Her legs are unbelievably toned, tan, symmetrical, proportionate. Her stomach is taut, hollow, concave, as if nothing she consumes ever seems to fill it. Her waist is trim, accentuating her curves with the sharp precision of a sculptor.

She carries an intangible magic about her, an undeniable, magnetic charm that seems to sweep everyone away, to love her passionately, to respect her unconditionally. She is the epitome of beauty, both seen and unseen, stunning in her quiet sophistication, alluring in her subtle regality. She is everything you yearn to be, but wholeheartedly believe you can never reach.

You envy the way he blushes when he speaks about her, longing for the attention she must constantly receive. You covet the seemingly effortless way she lives; awash in unbridled joy and uninhibited confidence, bright eyes sparkling, radiant smile gleaming. You wish her beauty, her charm, her melodic laugh, her natural lust for life was yours to keep forever.

She’s beautiful, but so are you.

Your eyes glisten as the sun radiates off your body. Your skin is gorgeously rosy, breathing life and warmth into face. Your hair cascades freely off your shoulders; uninhibitedly running with the wind as the gentle breeze playfully sweeps it into your face. Your legs are impeccably strong, constantly poised to dance through the streets with carefree joy. Your stomach is soft, delicate, eternally satisfying your rumbling desires. Your waist is drawn with care, creating a shapely silhouette, perfectly outlining your features.

She’s beautiful, but so are you.

You are both fragrant flowers blooming in life’s bouquet; brightening the world with distinct beauty. You are stars in the same constellation; twinkling alongside each other in the ebony sky, shining brightly with equal force. You are doves taking flight together, crossing paths as you soar through life as one.

She’s beautiful, but so are you. 

Maybe, you will look in the mirror and discover that you are everything you wish you could be; stunning in your simple elegance, beautiful in your undeniable radiance. You will discover the casual charm of your smile, the sensual magnetism of your curves, the subtle sheen of your hair, the irresistible allure of your legs. You will no longer see her as competition, resolving to coexist as you allow your own beauty to envelop you, to warm your heart and consume your soul. You will resolve to love your own beauty as you love hers, because she’s beautiful, but so are you. TC mark

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