I Hope You Love Her Tender Heart

man kissing woman
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In your eyes, she is a vision of perfection. Her eyes shine brightly as the sun glints off of them. Her cheeks glow with the hue of a rose; never fading as she relishes in your touch. Her hair flows neatly down her back, playfully bouncing with every step she takes. Her lips are soft, tender, impeccably kissable. Her legs are long and sprightly; poised to dance through the streets as she holds your hand.

She’s beautiful, but I hope you love her tender heart.

I hope you love her generosity. She gives to everyone she knows without reservation, pouring her soul into their deepest fears, refusing to leave until the light returns to their faces. She starves until her loved ones’ minds are refreshed, bodies are nourished, spirits are rejuvenated. She shares her time freely until she feels like breaking; cracking under the weight of carrying the world and never being lifted. She will travel to the ends of the earth to brighten your day, even as she cries over the trials and tribulations of this life.

I hope you love her kindness. She cares for everyone she meets as if she knows their souls, their struggles, their fears. She cherishes both loved ones and strangers with the soul of a sister, the force of a mother. She lifts others up to the heavens, hoisting their spirits as if she has never been put down. She sees pure magic in everyone she meets, never failing to express how beautifully their gifts enhance this world. She will laud your accomplishments as if they were her own, even as she drowns herself in the harsh words she believes she deserves.

I hope you love her accepting nature. She caresses the lightest hearts and the darkest souls, bearing no mind to the past. She cares not about circumstance; status, wealth, health, but instead about what lies deeper: the crevices of the heart that heal, encourage, befriend, love. She touches everyone she meets with the same care; gently prodding their heavy facades, harboring their truths in the safety of her soul, adoring them regardless of the truths they spill across her heart. She will love you wholeheartedly, regardless of your difficult past, the blemishes on your heart, the imperfect pieces of your soul, even as she struggles to accept herself as fearfully, wonderfully made.

To you, she is a dream come alive; a goddess enshrouded in beauty, but I hope you love her tender heart. She will immerse you in kindness, care, and love; giving you everything as she leaves herself nothing, prioritizing you as she puts herself last, adoring you fully as she disparages herself wholeheartedly. Her beauty glimmers, but her heart is radiant; shining like the midday sun, inviting others into her presence. I hope you fall for her tender heart, forever loving her as she loves you: purely, softly, and fully. TC mark

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