I Am Slowly Learning To Slow Down

I am slowly learning to slow down. I find myself immersed in the trials and tribulations of life; constantly seeking out the next challenge, never yielding to ensconce myself in the beauty of mindful reflection. But as my energy fades and my mind grows weary, I gradually melt into my own will; stepping gingerly through each obstacle, stopping to catch my breath, rejuvenating my depleted spirit.

I am slowly learning to accept my limitations. I am slowly acquiescing to my body’s burning desires; remediating my all-consuming exhaustion, quelling the rapid beating of my heart, allowing my entire being to rejuvenate. I am gradually attuning myself to the siren songs of my mind; taking the time to sustain myself, mitigate the overwhelming numbness, calm the frenzied, shallow breaths that threaten to extinguish my flame. I am learning the art of refusal; the golden ability to retreat from anything that overwhelms my mind, body, and spirit, leaving me stranded with no rescue.

I am slowly learning to treat myself with care. I am slowly resolving not to deride myself for never being enough; to take the time to provide myself with sustenance, affirmations, and unconditional love in the face of perceived failure. I am gradually vowing not to rush through life so rapidly that I neglect my needs. I am promising not to harangue myself for the struggles that hinder the fast-paced life I covet, instead consciously choosing to extend myself forgiveness, grace, and respite from the race that consumes my life.

I am slowly learning to savor life wholeheartedly. I am slowly immersing myself in every moment, stopping to savor the beauty of every day. I am gradually rediscovering the fragrant scent of roses in bloom, the lighthearted chortling of blossoming friendship, the simple pleasure of dancing through sunlit fields, the passionate yearning of the heart as it beats for someone new. I am learning to choose life itself over the persistent, dull, humming overwhelm of daily stress and strife.

I am slowly learning to slow down; to recommit my heart and soul to life’s leisurely tempo. I am discovering that choosing to rest, to satiate my being, to live fully will never dampen my ambition. I am immersing myself in the wholehearted joy of unhurried living; the fervent belief that no matter my pace, I should no longer deprive myself of rejuvenation and self-forgiveness. I am beginning to truly believe that I deserve to take life as it comes, lavishing myself with my own time and attention day by day, because I will always be enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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