Believe Me, You Are Beautiful

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You’re looking in the mirror, fighting against your thoughts, wishing you could profess self-love, but failing to see any glimmer of your own beauty. You believe that beauty is for the other girls, from glamorous Instagram stars to the girl down the street. But, believe me, you are beautiful.

Your eyes reflect your unwavering vivacity. They sparkle when you smile and dance when you laugh. Your eyes are trustworthy; searching deep within others’ souls as their secrets slip from their lips. They connect you to everyone you meet, forging magnetic, unspoken bonds of empathy, trust, and kindness. These eyes have seen the unspeakable, have been cloaked in thick veils of tears, but they capture the undeniable beauty of this life and reflect your own.

Believe me, they are beautiful.

Your smile radiates warmth and light. It lures people into you, inviting them to know you, to love you. Your smile is magnetic in its casual charm, effortlessly friendly towards all it touches. It reflects your passion, your hopes, and your dreams as it rapidly morphs into a litany of spoken words. It has concealed your sorrow behind irreverent effervescence, but above all else, it shines more brightly than the stars; conveying your joy; extrapolating upon your burning lust for life.

Believe me, it is beautiful.

Your hair is soft, silken, irresistibly touchable. It highlights your bold lips and perfectly flushed complexion, transforming your face into an impeccably pristine portrait. Your hair freely cascades down your shoulders and rolls down your back, spiraling into a stunningly gorgeous mess, playfully teasing you to fly away in the gentle breeze. It reminds you that you are only tethered to this earth by a thread, that you have the liberty to live wildly, to explore, to dream, to embrace life’s chaos, to love your chaos.

Believe me, it is beautiful.

Your legs are like the open road; stretching on for miles with no end in sight, inviting admirers to walk with you on your journey. Beneath their spindly fragility is undeniable strength. Your legs carry you through this world with delicate grace. They are shapely, they are poised, they are elegant. Your legs have helped you run far away from your burdens, have spun and twirled in the moonlight, have leaped and danced out of the pure joy of living. They are your miracle; your hope that you can carry yourself through the most challenging times if you persist with all your heart.

Believe me, they are beautiful.

I hope you discover that you are made of the magic in the stars; a perfectly imperfect constellation of beauty. Your beauty radiates from your soul and envelops every inch of your body, consuming you with its warm glow. You shine with your kind eyes and soft hair. You stun with your bright smile and gentle legs. I hope you stand in front of the mirror, allowing your beauty to mesmerize you as you smile and laugh without a care, to allure you as you dance with carefree inhibition, to encapsulate you as you gleefully toss your hair over your shoulders. I hope you learn that the beauty you seek will forever reside within you because believe me, you are beautiful. TC mark

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