6 Things All Introverts Know To Be True

liz lemon
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Introverted. Quiet. Shy. Whatever you call your tendency for people to drain your energy, you’re definitely not alone in your feelings. Here are 6 things all introverts know to be true.

1. You’re the “twenty-something grandma” of your friend group.

Your friends may beg you to stay out just 30 minutes longer and tease you about your Taylor Swift-esque tendency to “stumble on home to your cats” at the end of the night instead of hooking up with that hottie you met at the bar, but you’re far happier sipping tea and reading your favorite book in the comfort of your apartment. Your friends can’t exactly complain about your “grandma” tendencies, though; you’re forever keeping them well-stocked in delicious baked goods, cute knits, and fantastic book recommendations!

2. Food delivery is your best friend.

You love any excuse to not go out in public and interact with other people, so food delivery services are right up your alley. You know which restaurants in your area deliver quickest, and you definitely have strong opinions on Postmates vs. Grubhub vs. DoorDash. Sure, every delivery driver in the area has seen you in your cutest pair of pajamas, and there’s always a supremely awkward interaction whenever one of them arrives at your door, but you’re beating those dreaded lines and avoiding other people, so you’re basically #winning.

3. You love your friends, but you also love your space.

You love your friends more than life itself, but hanging out with them can be a roller coaster of emotions. You’re easily overwhelmed by large groups of friends, so you’re the master of ducking out of parties early. The truth is that you’re not “tired,” you’re not “sick,” and you’d love to be able to stay for the next game of beer pong, but you literally can’t with all those people, and you need some space right now. You’d much rather curl up in bed and binge-watch the latest Bachelor in Paradise drama than spend all night at a wild party with everyone you know.

4. You don’t open up easily.

Your friends constantly wonder why you won’t just tell them all of the juicy details about your latest fling or why they haven’t seen any of your awkward middle school photos yet (even though you’ve seen all the pictures of them in their pubescent, brace-faced glory), but opening up is extremely uncomfortable for you. Honestly, you’d prefer to leave something to the imagination instead of turning your life into a giant, People-worthy tell-all sesh. And, when you finally choose to tell your best friends about That Incident We Don’t Talk About, you make no secret of just how much you trust them.

5. You’re misunderstood.

You’ve been called everything under the sun: “quiet,” “shy,” “sheepish,” “unfriendly,” “snooty,” and “stuck-up,” and you’ve definitely been accused of having “no sense of humor” or “never having any fun.” The reality? You’re just extremely misunderstood. You’re super bubbly with your closest friends, you have a knack for cracking the all the best jokes, and you love a (low-key) good time. It may take some extra time for new friends to get to know you, but your sparkling personality is well worth the wait.

6. You own who you are.

You’re shy, reserved, and maybe, a bit cautious, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You love your small circle of friends, nights in, and avoiding huge crowds of people, and you refuse to apologize for it. You may not be as carefree as your extroverted friends (and you may need to take a few more naps than they do), but you’re fiercely loyal to your besties, and you always think of little (but meaningful) ways to show that you care. You’re quiet, but confident, and you’ll always be proud of your wonderfully introverted self. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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