Are You The Chosen One? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Are you the prophesied warrior, here to save us all? Is your destiny written in the stars? Will your road to success and triumphant return bring about an era of unimaginable prosperity and light to all the land?

Take the quiz below to find out! Keep track of your answers and scroll to the bottom to find out your fate.

1. What color are your eyes?

A) Brown, like sun-warmed earth freshly tilled.

B) Green, like polished emeralds.

C) Blue, like a clear winter’s morning.

D) Heterochromatic, one silver-gray as storm-turned seas, the other violet, flecked with gold, the iris banded with a ring of consuming orange fire. They change according to your mood.

2. And your hair?

A) Brown, like spring soil after a rain.

B) Red as the laughing flame.

C) Black as coals. Black as night.

D) Like a sunrise on a frozen morning, like moonlight on a cloudless eve —like fields of rye in the first true sun of summer, like the glimmering rings on the mayor’s fingers. Your hair is like that of no one else in your village. You saw someone with your hair once, on market day. But they were from The City… far away… they looked at you with a curious glance. They opened their mouth as if to say something, and then seemed to reconsider. They were a wise scholar. “It is not time yet,” the scholar said, muttering to himself. “The kingdom is not ready.”

3. Which bird best describes you?

A) Chicken.

B) Robin.

C) Falcon.

D) The mighty phoenix, rising o’er the sky on wings of revolution, leaving summer storms in its wake.

4. Which weather event would others use to describe you?

A) A sunny day.

B) A gentle breeze.

C) A refreshing rain.

D) A summer storm, bringing gusts and gales from the mountains; a tumult, wild as stallions, unbridled, untamed; rain that is both lifegiving and destructive; you are the balance of order and chaos. You are both in once.

5. Have you any scars?

A) No!

B) Just one from when you fell from the stage at last midsummer’s dance!

C) None at all!

D) Just the one on your arm, in the shape of a phoenix eclipsing the waxing moon rising over the spires of the Northern Palace. But mother always said it was from when you were a baby and you slipped on a stray stone! That’s all it is. Nothing more.

6. Have you any skills?

A) You can hoe a field like it’s nobody’s business.

B) Yes, you are an excellent dancer. An excellent, laughing dancer.

C) You do not have time to cultivate frivolous skills. You are busy providing for your family, ever since father was gored by one of the Beasts of the Forest who have slowly been making their way eastward, from the banished lands of the Western Wastes, for nearly years, ever since the royal family was slain.

D) You are the best at sword in your whole village. Your peers and elders often remark that it is as if you were born to have a blade in your hand. Yours is a graceful, noble method. You have also always felt something deep within your soul—magic?—but no one in your village can do magic, no, and you are of your village. Yes. It musn’t be. It cannot be.

7. Who raised you?

A) Your parents, both of whom are still alive.

B) Your grandparents. Your parents died when you were young in the plague that swept through your village.

C) Your mother. You love her dearly. She singlehandedly raised you and your nine younger siblings.

D) Why the blacksmith, of course, and his wife, who are both clearly your birthparents and both still alive but resemble you in no way, and are terribly rough and common.

8. Are they your biological family?

A) Yes. There were witnesses to your birth.

B) Your grandparents were there in the room when you were born, and mother says you laughed when you emerged from the womb.

C) You greatly resemble your eleven brothers and sisters.

D) The blacksmith returned from the woods one day, carrying you with his arms, sheltering you from the summer storm that raged around you. You have thus far assumed that the blacksmith’s wife was also in the woods, bearing you, as she must have done, as she is your biological mother. She was also somehow there to greet your father when he returned from the cottage. You have seen no reason to question this. It seems logical.

9. A mysterious traveler arrives at your village. What do you do?

A) Generally avoid him. You don’t trust strangers.

B) Listen to the stories he has to tell. Travers always have interesting stories.

C) Remain skeptical and standoffish while cautiously hopeful, remaining in the doorway of your two-room cottage you share with your thirteen siblings, who you protect.

D) See something in him… Something… Familiar… It reignites a spark in you… In your very soul….

10. Your village is burning! Is it your fault?

A) No!

B) No!

C) No!

D) As they set the inn aflame, the riders red eyes pierced the slits in his helm. He held your gaze. You….. he says in a guttural voice like stone, like thunder. You have… the mark… You think of your scar. But—no! It couldn’t be! It couldn’t possibly be!

11. Now you must go! But before you do, a trusted village elder, who knows all the secrets of your life, gives you a weapon to stave off the forces of darkness. What is it?

A) Shovel.

B) Staff with magical properties of laughing, happy magic.

C) Bow and Arrows.

D) Flaerisigargh, the ancient blade, forged in mageflame in the temples of the Ytrangyeaal Mountains, carried throughout the centuries by the Fabled Kings and Queens of Hel’tyrex, which was found abandoned deep in the forest seventeen years ago… around when you were born…

12. Are you the heir to a lost dynasty?

A) What?

B) Nah.

C) It’s unlikely.

D) You couldn’t possibly…. There must be some mistake! You’ve always lived in the village! Yes, all your life! You’re weak and small and plain! A knight? A warrior? A hero? How can you expected to be any of those things? You’re just you!

13. What’s going through your head right now?

A) Is the farm okay? Did the riders burn the barn?

B) Can grandma’s lungs handle that much smoke inhalation?

C) Who shall feed the children if you go?

D) But how can you… no… it can’t be… it can’t be… destiny… oh cruel destiny… and yet… it makes sense. You have always felt that you were meant for more. Meant for adventure. The road. Yes. The City. And your kingdom needs you.

14. Destiny chooses you. How shall you take up this yoke?

A) Umm… you guess?

B) With joy.

C) With honor.

D) With a force deep within your soul you cannot control and cannot contain. It burns within you like a flame—like an undying flame. And like a storm, yes, a summer storm. You are the flame, the summer storm. You do not wish to be. But you are. It is you and you are it. Flaerisigarghafragh, the sword, feels natural in your hand—more natural than anything you have ever felt. “AWAKEN, HERO” it screams within your mind. “AWAKEN.” And so, you do.


Mostly As: You are NAMELESS VILLAGER. You are the farthest thing from the Chosen One that exists. You are a tertiary nameless character living outside town. You will not survive past Chapter Seven. Condolences to your otherwise-intact family, who is dealing with not only your death, but the burned farm. Sorry.

Mostly Bs: You are the BEST FRIEND. So you’re not the Chosen One, but you’re in the Chosen One’s party, which is cool. You get to wield a magic staff. Nice! You carry around a flute for some reason, and make jokes and entertain everyone in the taverns. You’re a boon companion to the rest of our heroes. It will be a shame in Chapter Thirty-Eight when you’re lanced through the soul by a Dark’Rider. A damn, crying shame.

Mostly Cs: You are the LOVE INTEREST. Your backstory is tragic, as is your soul. But you are sturdy. You are the Chosen One’s opposite-gendered best friend from childhood, though, and you will do anything for them, which is extremely noble of you. When this is all over, you join the Chosen One in The City as Consort. Your siblings, who by the end of book five will number in hundreds, shall join you in the city. They shall be Lords and Ladies and Scholars. Huzzah!

Mostly Ds: You are the CHOSEN ONE!  Huzzah! The Awaited. The Awakened Heir. Your birth was foretold by the Ancients. The story will be sung on the lips of babes as rhyme, on the tongues of the elders for generations around the solemn flames. You are the bringer of light. The bringer of rebirth. You are that summer storm we keep mentioning. Your eyes are two different colors. One is light. One is storm. That’s what your scar symbolizes. It is destiny. You are destiny. You and your sword are both destiny. HUZZAH! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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