15 Reasons Why You Should Date An Adventurous Person


1. No restaurant is off-limits.

No matter what type of food the restaurant may consist of, they are always willing to try it. They aren’t picky, so even if something may look totally out of the ordinary, they will give it a fair chance. They rarely order the same thing twice because they always want to try something new and different and out of their comfort zone. Going to a restaurant with them is an adventure in itself.

2. They plan awesome dates.

Having an adventurous partner means you get to go on adventurous dates. Nothing is too out there for them, so they regularly come up with ideas most people would never think of or be willing to do.

3. They surprise you with things you never would have thought of.

Aside from dates, the gifts they get you will also always be cool and different and something you would never think to get yourself. They put lots of time and energy into planning and finding something unique that you’ll love.

4. They are willing to try anything you want.

If you come up with an idea that is especially different and daring, they will be all for it. They love to try new things, especially with you, so they will never shy away from any of your suggestions.

5. They don’t mind getting lost.

While it might be frustrating for some to lose direction, for an adventurer it’s simply another journey. If you get lost driving somewhere, they can turn it into a fun and exciting experience that you’re sharing together. Getting lost with them can end up being an even better time than the final destination would have been.

6. They will help you finish your bucket list.

We put lots of things on our bucket lists that we don’t have any expectation of actually following through with. Skydiving, backpacking through Europe, swimming with sharks – all of these things sound awesome but it’s unlikely you’ll ever get around to really doing them. Unless you’re dating someone who is adventurous. They will be more than happy to go along for the ride with you to check off everything on your list and more.

7. They will literally go anywhere with you.

No matter the town, city, state, country, restaurant, park, wherever – they will go with you. Turning down opportunity simply isn’t in their blood. If you ask them to randomly drive across the country with you, they won’t have a list of excuses to not go. An adventurous person is spontaneous, so they will always be down for anything.

8. You will never be bored.

Dating an adventurous person keeps you from falling into a boring, old routine that most couples share. While they can be satisfied staying in all weekend and watching Netflix, the next time you hang out they will make sure to take you somewhere thrilling and unusual. With them, you will never get to the point that going out to dinner on a week night is considered an impulsive venture. They love to switch it up, to keep things exciting, to explore and learn new things together.

9. You’re always looking forward to what’s next.

An adventurous person keeps you on your toes. If they tell you that they are taking you out next weekend, you never have any idea what to expect. You are always anticipating the next experience with them.

10. They don’t complain.

If plans don’t end up going how they expected, they are not going to complain and feel defeated by it. They will never let a change of plans put a damper on the shared experience. They are flexible and quick to adapt, so they won’t whine about something as silly as a restaurant being closed on their impromptu date night.

11. They are always up for a challenge.

No plan is too big, bold, or scary. Even if they are a bit intimidated by something, they like to challenge themselves and test their limits. They are unflinchingly brave, and it helps encourage you to try more yourself.

12. They make the most out of everything.

Adventurous people are almost always upbeat and optimistic. Whatever comes your way, they are going to make the most out of it. And this attitude always rubs off on you too.

13. They are adventurous, sexually.

Being adventurous means you are willing to try new things… this also counts in bed. If you suggest something a bit off kilter for the bedroom, they aren’t going to get turned off and proclaim you weird. They will be more than happy to experiment and try something atypical with you. This includes locations too. Conference room at work, public playground after dark, middle of a field in broad daylight… they’re in (literally) every time.

14. The relationship will be effortless.

Having a spontaneous partner who likes to create fun experiences with you will ultimately result in a carefree, effortless relationship. Obviously, like any couple, you will have your ups and downs. But they are relaxed people who are just here for the ride, so most issues have easy solutions.

15. No matter what you do with them, it will be an adventure.

No matter where you go, what you do, or who you’re with, you will have an adventure with them. Whether it’s making a quick trip to the store or traveling through a foreign country for a month, it will be yet another amazing time spent with that remarkable person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Kelly Bishop is an avid reader and writer who hopes to one day work with these passions full-time. For now, she blogs for websites like Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and Talk Space.

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