5 Things To Do If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day


1. Have your parents be your Valentines:

Even if you’re all grown up, you can still make V-Day special for your parents. They really were your original ‘significant other’. So buy your mom a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and your dad a huge, heart-shaped box of chocolates. Once we began to obsess over boys/girls at a young age, we forgot that they our parents were still there, loving us unconditionally. We cared more about giving everyone in our class a valentine than the most important people in our lives. Through heartbreaks and emotional rollercoaster rides, they were always there on Valentine’s Day. Single or not, don’t forget about them this year.

2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself:

You don’t have a date for V-Day? Quit whining. There are people out there with no moms on Mother’s Day and no dads on Father’s Day – they have more of a reason to cry than the fact that you won’t receive 3,000 calories worth of chocolate bought at CVS the day before. Just because you’re alone on V-Day doesn’t mean you will be forever. So for now, cherish the fact that you don’t have to spend $200 on Victoria’s Secret lingerie and feel the pressure to make the day ridiculously romantic and special.

3. Spend it with your other single friends:

Whether this is your first or 20th V-Day spent single, don’t fret, because you still have your friends. Plan a nice dinner out together, get all dressed up, then drink, drink, DRINK. Don’t go somewhere romantic either. Go to a Mexican restaurant and fill up on guac and margs – get some sushi and slam back saki bombs until you forget your name. Just go have a genuinely good time with the people who love you. Sidenote: Don’t feel the need to Snapchat/Instagram the whole thing just to prove to the world (and your ex) that you’re having a great time without them.

4. Make Valentines for those in need:

This is humbling act that will make you realize you should stop sniveling over a lack of S/O. There are worse situations in life than being independent (*gasp*)! Hospitals love to receive sweet valentines for their sick kids, elderly patients, etc. It will bring you back to the good ol’ days when you would cut and paste lace and red construction paper. And most importantly, you’ll make someone feel special and loved.

5. Treat yourself:

Go to a spa for a relaxing massage and facial. Get a mani and pedi. Get your hair washed, cut, and blown out. Buy that expensive bag you’ve been eyeing in Bloomingdale’s. Buy the sexy dress you’ve been obsessed with even though you have nowhere to wear it. Purchase the best makeup and skin products from Sephora. Spend the money you normally would on your BF/GF on yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Kelly Bishop is an avid reader and writer who hopes to one day work with these passions full-time. For now, she blogs for websites like Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and Talk Space.

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