6 Reasons Why You Should Temp After College


1. You’ll be making money while applying to jobs

Right after graduating, I began to desperately search for a job. However, weeks into my search, I still found myself unemployed, and even worse: broke. I was sitting at home every day with no job, no money, and nothing else to add to my resume. I then sought out a temp agency. Right away, I was being called about different temp opportunities. It was amazing to have the work just dropped into my lap rather than evading me at all costs. I finally was able to work quite consistently, earn a weekly paycheck, all while searching and applying to jobs in my free time. I was one of my only friends who actually had some extra spending money over the summer.

2. It adds to your resume

Future employers will notice that you were always working without any curiously long breaks. They will be impressed that rather than sitting around waiting for interviews, you took some initiative. Also, most temp jobs you get are basic administrative jobs. Every company likes to hire someone who has mastered the basics: answering phones, sending emails, making copies, etc. It will provide experience that you never had that is valuable in the working world.

3. Helps you learn to deal with different people/work places

What’s so great about a temp  job is that it is temporary. You don’t have to do the same lousy work or deal with the same people once the job or project is finished. Yet it exposes you to all different types of work environments. You get an idea of how a variety of offices function, which makes it that much easier when entering someplace new. By my third temp job, I was no longer shaking with nerves when it came to walking in, meeting new people, and learning the ropes. By having to go through the introduction process multiple times, it will help me be that much more adaptable when finally entering a permanent workplace.

It is also a crash course for the types of people you’ll be exposed to at work. In the beginning, I was timid and sensitive when it came to the people around me and how some of them acted. I was caught off-guard being openly disrespected and patronized by some highly ranked employees. I was never one to take shit all my life, but suddenly I had no idea what I was dealing with anymore. I learned how to remain professional and calm no matter who I was dealing with. I stopped taking everything so personally, and refused to let it affect my work or my attitude. I’m so grateful I was able to figure all of these people out sooner in these different environments, because it would be harsh wake-up call when first confronted in a permanent job.

4. Allows you to make connections

While temping, you must never lose sight of your ultimate goal: finding something permanent. Some lucky temps will land a perm job if the company likes them and a spot opens up while they’re there. But no matter what, talk to lots of people in the office and share what you’re looking for. I usually introduce myself to everyone, and explain that I’m a recent college grad searching for a job in publishing (they always ask you this question anyway). I also always mention how tough the business is to break into, and how I’m looking for all the help that I can get. There’s always at least one person who has a friend, family member, or some distant contact in the field you’re interested in. They’ll offer for you to send your resume to them so they can help you out and put you in contact. And if they don’t offer, always ask if you can anyway. By creating even temporary bonds at work, it increases your chances of finding something significantly.

5. It makes the working world a little less daunting

Especially if you’re sitting home after school, the working world appears further away and even more scary because it just represents the unknown. You may have worked a job in high school or college, but post-graduation, things become much more serious. You need a steady salary, health insurance, security. You have to pay back that massive student loan, along with other sudden bills. Exposing yourself to the working world will make it much less scary when you are finally thrust into it for good.

6. It keeps you on a schedule

Although I wish I could’ve enjoyed a carefree, lazy summer after graduating, it was important that I maintained some kind of schedule and routine. It could’ve been easy to just stay up all night, sleep all day, party three nights every weekend, and blow through my graduation money like most of my friends. But when you’re done with school, you should just be done with the lifestyle too. I still went out on the weekends, but I was waking up at 7:00am every morning and working eight and a half hours each day during the week. By already having a some sort of set routine, it’ll make it that much less painful when I start something full-time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Kelly Bishop is an avid reader and writer who hopes to one day work with these passions full-time. For now, she blogs for websites like Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and Talk Space.

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