10 Reasons Sundays Are The Best Day of The Week


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”

Whenever I had work on a Sunday I would automatically feel bummed out — sure I make an extra dollar an hour but Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Here are my list of reasons why it should be your favorite day of the week too…

1. Sundays are for waking up, hour by hour….

What I mean is, on Sundays there is no rush. You can sleep in late. If you are a church-goer you can go at 7am or 4pm you can even just pray in bed and then fall right back asleep. Now, don’t get sleeping mixed up with laziness because when I picture a Sunday morning, I picture the sun peering through my windows and feeling the dewy morning breeze bursting through my cracked windows.

2. Sundays are for the best types of food.

BRUNCH! I don’t know about your house but in my house Sundays are the days that we all sit around the kitchen table at breakfast/lunch time…brunch time, with my dog under the table and pancakes, eggs, toast, orange juice, milk, coffee, and tea are poured into your glass.

3. Sundays are for music.

Well everyday is a day with music in my life… but Sundays are the days where I open my shades and listen to artists like John Mayer, Johnny Cash, Phillip Phillips, Ed Sheeran, The Black Keys and Mat Kearney. I feel as if Sundays are the days we listen to the music that speaks from our hearts.

4. Sundays are for Church.

If you’re like me, Sundays are for Church. Whether you go to Church because you believe or because you feel as if you have to… Church is a place where you can sit and think. Yes, listen to the priest and the readings but sometimes, I get lost in thought in Church and it almost feels perfect because it feels like I am letting all my thoughts out with not only myself but with God.

5. Sundays are for football!

Sunday is for the three B’s for most men… booze, bars, and bros. If you are from Chicago, four B’s: Bears, booze, bros, and bars.

6. Sundays are natural.

Ladies this one is for you, the day of no makeup: allowing your skin to breathe, for putting on the glasses you are self-conscious about, for getting your head stuck in the latest rom-com or Nicholas Sparks novel, for Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill or my favorite…TLC!

7. Sundays are for peace.

Sundays are the days you can go to your nearest coffee shop and just loiter. Drink that one cup of coffee, kick your feet up and people watch. Sundays are the one day a week where all the events, errands, work, and stress can just sort of be swept under the rug until tomorrow…”MONDAY”

8. Sundays are for newspapers

“Woah” a newspaper? Who reads printed journalism anymore? But honestly, Sundays are the one day a week we can appreciate print. Whether you like crosswords, comics, sports sections or just you just like the smell when you open it; newspapers still exist… I know…its hard to imagine anyone from my generation ever touching one.

9. Sundays are for family.

Sundays are for taking your dog for a walk or going on a bike ride with your family. Sundays are the days of the week where you don’t need to go out a celebrate “sunday fun day” because you already had Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, F*cked Up Friday, and Sloshed Saturday. Trust me, hanging in one day a week won’t ruin your life but maybe even help you appreciate it.

10. Sundays are for deep breaths.

Sunday mornings are a great time to spend a few minutes in meditation or use this quiet time to review the previous week and plan the next seven days. Reflect on the learnings and the lessons to come. Just Breathe.

So my lovely readers, if reading this made you realize how much you love Sundays join the club! And if you’re reading this and it seems like a foreign language…I’m sorry to tell you, you’re totally doing Sundays wrong.

***11. Sundays are for puppy love… literally***


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