5 Vampire Movies From The Past 20 Years That Don’t Suck

Let The Right One In
Let The Right One In

I know we’re all tired of vampire movies, but believe it or not they all don’t suck. Well they do suck blood, but that’s a different story. Vampires can still be ‘hip’ even after the release of the “Twilight” movies and other not so savory movies. It all depends on what you enjoy. If you enjoy “Dracula 2000” or “Vampire Brooklyn” sorry they aren’t on the list.

You may not agree with my list and that’s fine, just in my opinion these five movies that were released in the past 20 years I thought were pretty damn good. Starting with this year to 1994!

1. “Only Lovers Left Alive” (2014)

I love Jim Jarmusch and this movie made me curious. Jarmusch and vampires you don’t really hear a lot. Not only was “Only Lovers Left Alive” a decent vampire movie, it also was a cultured packed film that would make any book nerd (including myself) drool over all those books, that Eve had (Tilda Swinton’s character). Hey, they even drank blood too, which was pretty nice to see. Also sunlight seemed to bother them, another nice aspect. Will admit they were pretty hipster, but they deserved to be. Any vampires that hung out with Lord Byron would know a thing or two about being cool. So this movie has good actors, an awesome soundtrack, and the ending was so satisfying! It’s the 21st century version of “The Hunger” especially with the sunglasses.

2.”Kiss of the Damned” (2012)

Xan Cassavetes directed “Kiss of the Damned,” she’s the daughter of two my favorite people, Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes. Like her father and mother, she embraces the indie film scene quite well. “Kiss of the Damned” is a minimalist film, not too much really goes on, but yet the characters are so absorbing, that you can’t stop watching. Really if “Only Lovers Left Alive,” hadn’t been released I would have started with “Kiss of the Damned.” Basically you have two vampire sisters, one loves her inner beast, while the other is trying to be decent with her curse. The poster and some scenes of the movie takes you back to the era of 1970s horror. I also love this movie because around the time (still are), it seemed like every movie was shoving special effects down your throat. Sometimes less is more, that goes for “Kiss of the Damned” and for really all the movies on this list.

3. “Let The Right One In” (2008)

“Let The Right One In,” is a no-brainer on why it doesn’t suck. Tomas Alfredson had directed the movie, that was based on the 2004 novel of the same name. It was written by  John Ajvide Lindqvist, who also wrote the screenplay for the 2008 movie. This Swedish movie looks at the friendship of a bullied boy and a young vampire girl. The pains of young adulthood.

4. “Blood and Donuts” (1995)

Holly Dale’s movie “Blood and Donuts” is a guilty pleasure of mine. I’m not too embarrassed with mentioning it on this list. I mean vampires, donuts, and a David Cronenberg cameo can’t be too guilty right? The movie is pretty low-budget, but there is something about that I love. It’s funny at times, then can be kind of depressing. I don’t think it sucks, so it’s on the list. I do believe though that the movie is a little underrated.

5. “Interview With The Vampire” (1994)

Can’t believe that this movie is 20 years old? It seemed like yesterday I was watching it on a VHS (which I still do). Say what you want about Tom Cruise, but his performance as Lestat wasn’t too shabby. He was funny, charismatic, and wicked, the perfect words for Lestat. Brad Pitt didn’t do too bad either as the whiny depressing Louis. It doesn’t hurt either that Neil Jordan is one of my favorite directors either.

So that’s my views on what vampire movies in the last 20 years were decent. As a fan of vampires, I will watch the crap to be able to find the good. So hopefully, you also feel these movies were good, and if you don’t  that’s fine too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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