You Owe It To Yourself To Keep Falling Down (And Picking Yourself Back Up)

Martin Miranda
Martin Miranda

We never know the depths we are capable of diving until we until find ourselves stuck in shallow waters. It’s easy to avoid the ocean when the rain has left puddles all around us. But the answers we seek are rarely ever just floating on the surface, and sometimes we need to escape the confines of our own comfort zones in order to grow.

On your darkest days you’re going to crave the peace of familiarity, and you will have to fight like hell to evade the temptation to remain complacent in a life that no longer suits you. We become attached to old habits and old relationships, and there is this misconception that holding on to the things that are bad for us is better than walking into the unknown.

When you are at your lowest, there is nowhere else to go but up.

Abandon the things that don’t make you happy and stop being afraid of things that don’t exist yet. There is a big, beautiful world out there waiting to be discovered and you have only just begun to scratch the surface. It’s scary to reach for things that seem so far out of your grasp but you owe yourself the opportunity to have the best of everything. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Find a man who loves you so much that it sets your world on fire. Find a job that feels less like work and more like passion. You have to stop looking for the easy way out simply because the search for something greater feels frightening or impossible.

Your dreams won’t all come true at once, but with patience you will start to find the missing pieces of your puzzle in places you never even thought to look.

Deep inside of all of us is the desire to lead an extraordinary life. So go out and be extraordinary. Take risks, ask questions, walk the path less travelled. Make lots of mistakes and find the lesson in each and every one of them. Don’t fall into the trap of mistaking the things that you are familiar with for the things that are meant to bring you happiness.

If you don’t fall to your knees once in a while you’re never going to learn how to get back up again. Comfortable may keep you warm at night, but it is never going to satisfy your thirst for passion. You don’t have to be the girl who scrambles to find herself in the lyrics to a song or the words in a novel; be the girl who inspires the people who write them. Embrace the wonder the world has to offer and let people feel the weight of your spirit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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