The Man Who Lies To You Does Not Belong In Your Life

In a world that is reliable only in its imperfection, pain is inevitable for all of us. Every living soul on this planet has its own unique set of circumstances, but there is a common thread that intricately connects us all: the fear of pain. The things that constitute pain are different for everyone, but the root of the fear is the same. It is human nature to put up walls and run from the things we believe have the power to hurt us.

But for some people, the fear of pain is like a drug. No matter how much they try to fight the temptation, they can’t seem to stop indulging in the pain. They create their own personal purgatories by remaining in situations that put them at a constant risk for heartbreak. Over time, the concepts of sadness and despair have become romanticized by the idea that there will always be a knight in shining armor waiting in the wings to take the pain away.

The truth is, these prophetic heroes are few and far between. There is no beauty to be found in sadness. Running back to the things that cause us pain isn’t brave; it’s reckless.

The man who lies to you and cheats on you does not belong in your life. A relationship that leaves you hopeless and hurting is not a love story; it is toxic. The pain that comes from loving someone who treats you like you’re worthless will bring you to your knees every single time. You can see it coming from a mile away, and yet you stand frozen in place, putting your heart in harm’s way even though you know you should be running like hell. There is nothing that is going to stop that relationship from going up in flames and burning you down in the process. Eventually the people in your life are going to grow tired of watching you self-destruct, and there won’t be anybody left to pick up the pieces.

Nobody in this world can save you from yourself. The decision to grow from your mistakes and to protect your heart from pain is yours. There is no shame in tearing your walls down to let someone in. It takes courage to take big risks with your heart. The secret is to recognize the situations that are destined to hurt you so you can get out before they have the chance to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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