You Are More Than The Bad Things That Have Happened To You

Giulia Agostini
Giulia Agostini

You are human, and you are going to have moments when the darkest parts of your past threaten to cloud your current happiness.

Remember that memories are only as powerful as the person who has lived them allows them to be.

We all have skeletons in our closet, but sometimes we forget that we have the power to close the door and lock them in. You are a warrior who has fought her way through every hardship and heartache that has come your way. Every scar that has etched itself in your heart is undoubtedly a part of who you are, but those scars are just tiny pieces of a much bigger puzzle.

You are not the product of bad circumstance. You are the light that refused to stop shining no matter how bad the storm got. You are the fire that burned every bad bridge that dared to stand between where you were and where you wanted to be. Your strength and courage have carried you through greater losses than you ever imagined you would experience,

and there is something to be said for the girl who continues to stand back up

no matter how many times she falls.

Your life is never going to be completely free and clear of turmoil, but your past has prepared you to overcome any obstacle you may encounter in the future. When people look at you, they don’t see damaged goods. They see a bright spirit that radiates like the sun from within you. They see a soldier who stands tall no matter how many times the world tries to weigh you down. The bumpy road that you have travelled has certainly made you more complex, but that only makes the eyes that look at you fill with curiosity and admiration; not pity.

Who you are is so much more than just the reflection of all of the demons from your past. You are the brave girl who put those demons to bed, the survivor who refused to fall victim to bad circumstances, and the beautiful spirit that never stopped shining in spite of it all. Be proud of you are, because you fought to become her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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