Thank You For Showing Me That Love Can Be Amazing, As Long As It’s Not With You

Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario

Thank you for lying to me. You taught me that words without actions are meaningless. You showed me that sometimes the people you love the most are the first ones to turn their back on you. You proved that trust is blind, and that it’s risky to believe in things you can’t see. You opened my eyes to the signs of lies and deception, and now I know what to look for before opening my heart to someone new.

Thank you for ignoring me. You made me feel lonely, insecure, and unwanted with every unanswered text message. You inflicted upon me the agonizing desperation that comes with giving someone the power to control your emotions. You brought me to the realization that excuses are merely a means to an end, because someone who truly wants to be in your life will find a way to make time for you. You constantly demonstrated your ability to manipulate my heart, and now I know better than to let someone else dictate my feelings. My happiness belongs to me, and it will no longer be determined by someone else’s attention or affection.

Thank you for leaving. Your insults and head games had my mind racing endlessly, and without you I can finally fall asleep at night. Your inconsistent presence in my life was suffocating, and in your absence I’ve learned to breath again. Your power over me left me feeling broken and incomplete, and now that you’re gone I’m putting myself back together and learning how to feel whole on my own again.

Thank you for moving on. I never knew that anything could be more painful than watching you leave until I saw you with someone else. The sight of you with your arms around her left me in tears, and the thought of you kissing her brought me to knees. The worst pain I’ve ever felt came with knowing that you no longer loved me and how easy it was for you to replace me with someone else. By moving on you forced me to accept that it was over between us for good. I thought the agony of that heartache would destroy me forever, but time has proven that I am indestructible.

Thank you for making me realize my worth. I know now that the quality of my life is not determined by a relationship. I am no longer the insecure and broken little girl who fell in love with someone who didn’t respect me. I am stronger, wiser, and more confident about what I have to offer the world. I know better than to settle for mediocrity in relationships, and I refuse to let the fire burning brightly within me fizzle out at the hands of someone else. At times I still ache with loneliness, but I am learning how to be okay on my own. It may take time and patience to find it, but I know there is a great love waiting for me somewhere out there. Thank you for convincing me that it isn’t with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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